Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sugar Hill village

Watercolor, 6x8 copyrighted 2011 by Nita Leger Casey  sold
Took my grandson Carson to the studio today, I had a photo of Sugar Hill where I have gone painting before during snow camp and I always wanted to do it this little scene , today was the day ! he sat next to me and painted the same scene , he was so cute ! he is so observant I am really impress with him, I got him his own easel and box combination ,so he is all set!
I wish we had a little snow like the painting ,just enough to make it pretty .if you are interested in this watercolor email me 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mount Lafayette

8x10 oil on canvas
Copyrighted 2011 Nita Leger Casey
Mount Lafayette 
I have not gone away, just down with a bad cold and the Holidays, on the good side, I was very happy to have all my family all together this Christmas 14 of them, it was a house full and still is ,
 a few have gone back to South Carolina, Grand son Carson my little artist is getting me going again , Let's paint grandma ! the only trouble is the studio at the house is a mess with everyone here , but we will try to get back in the routine .
This painting was done last year at snow camp in NH, no snow here in Mass this year ,it was 46 degree this afternoon,strange December but it's OK ,we will pay later I am sure!
this painting is for sale $ 150.00 , email me

Monday, December 19, 2011

Going to school

oil on canvas 8x8 copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey

Anyone interested in a last minute  present for a bus driver a school teacher or just anyone who would like this lovely original oil painting ,framed with a dark wood frame , email me for more info

Friday, December 16, 2011

New England church

Watercolor 5x7 copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey
I love the way this watercolor came out, it is sometimes a bit tricky to save that nice light, I have received many compliments with it and yet I have not found a home for it, if you think you would like this one email me,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The camp

Watercolor 20x26 copyrighted 2011by Nita Leger Casey   Sold
The camp will find it's place to it's new home, where it used to be, it will be on a brand new wall so the memories will  live on! this is the reason House portraits are a wonderful thing to have or give, I do these all year long, I have painted many houses camps churches condos commercial buildings in the last 25 years.
email me if you ever have the need for one.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tufted Titmouse

oil miniature 2,5x3,5 copyrighted by
Nita Leger Casey
These little guys come at my feeder everyday, they are very cute ! I know one thing birds like good food, forget the cheap grain stuff ,we bought some and they are snobing us right now and going next door, I had told Tim don't get the cheap one, I guess it will take a trip to the store tomorrow .
I had a wonderful day with my friends today at Breakfast Club, all of us are artists! we had our regular meeting of networking and critiquing paintings, after we went out for yearly Christmas lunch at an Italian restaurant ,some of us have been friends for over 20 years .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cardinal #2

Mini 2,5x3,5  copyrighted
watercolor by Nita Leger Casey
Just a little one today ! went to the studio to finish my commission and painted this Cardinal from one of my photos I took of the many cardinals that comes in my tree and the feeder.
I can't believe Christmas will be in twelve days, so this will be short I must start decorating !
email me if you are interested in a ACEO /mini.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon Tea, watercolor 5x7copyrighted by
Nita Leger Casey
Just finished my second week end of open studio, many people came by and did their shopping,  now I am tired and ready to have a cup of tea and relax before I attack my week of cleaning before my kids come home for Christmas, also bring a little Christmas to this house, I am a bit late but painting came first !
email me if you are interested in this still life ,

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Down hill all the way

Watercolor 5x7 copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey Sold
Someone has to know a skier! this little watercolor would be the perfect gift.
It is always nice to start a collection of originals.

 very reasonable price email me

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

in progress!

Watercolor commission  in progress, by Nita Leger Casey
As I promised I would post this today to give you an idea of working with different photos ,as the years went by for this family and the many memories they have shared of this cute camp on a lake in New England.
This week end open studio again Saturday and Sunday ,if you missed last week end here is your chance .noon to 5pm both days , come by and see me at 407 A

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Little red shack

Watercolor 8x8 copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey

I am now working on a commission of a large painting, I worked on it all day, so far I am happy with it,I will post it tomorrow.
My other job will be to decorate my house, I have not started yet, going to the attic to drag everything out is a job!  and no time to do it .
Many have seen a little fishing shack like this one, maybe it even brings memories when you were a kid fishing, this painting needs a home !  
email me if you are interested in this painting

Monday, December 05, 2011

New England gazebo

Watercolor 5x5 copyrighted 2011
by Nita Leger Casey
Thinking Christmas yet? New England has beautiful gazebos, right now the only thing missing is the snow, I am sure it will come soon enough.
This is an older watercolor who would like to find a home for the holidays!
email me ,reasonable price!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Snow fields

Pastel 5x7 copyrighted by
Nita Leger Casey
Had a wonderful week end at the studio,met a lot of new people ,it was there first experience at the mill,they all seemed to have a great time ,so again lots of talk and no painting time ,I am working on a commission also , tomorrow things should go back to normal for a little time anyway !
email me if you are interested in this peaceful snow scene

Friday, December 02, 2011

The red lobster boat

Watercolor 6x8 copyrighted 2011 by Nita Leger Casey
  This would make a nice present for a fisherman ,or someone who would like to be one .
Quick post ,getting ready for a long open house week end at Western Avenue studios .
email me if you are interested  

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Washing day

Watercolor 6x8 copyrighted by
Nita Leger Casey

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunrise on the hill

Oldie but goodie #2
oil 5x7 on Wallis paper matted .copyrighted by 
Nita Leger Casey
A Scene from Maine when the sun rises in August while I am there, talk about sunrise these past few days they have been so beautiful , lots of reds ! just about the time I take Clancy for a walk .
I miss not painting in oil ,after the holidays I believe i will get back to it , I have concentrated in Watercolors the last few month  I really would like to sell some of these gems , I know somewhere out there , a collector is starting  a collection ,this would be the perfect time to buy at this price $50.00 ,email me

Monday, November 28, 2011

High water

oil on paper canvas 6x8,copyrighted by
Nita Leger Casey
The loading dock gallery  at WAS in Lowell is just about decorated ,I was amazed how beautiful it was looking, so many wonderful people were working at it today , so much beautiful art !
This week I am clearing a few oldies but goodies , this one has a peaceful mood  with earth tone colors  $50.00  an original for this price is a bargain! email me

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday sale

 Cyber Monday sale 
"Morning light" 5x7 watercolor Copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey
Everyone went shopping over this long week end , you are now at work at your desk on your break Thinking I still need to get a present for someone special  or maybe yourself , here is your chance a lovely watercolor $75.00 matted including shipping email me

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fruitland farm

pastel 11x14,copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey
Wish I had something new today , I have been making watercolor books and painted paste paper  all day for our Christmas market , it will be set up all month at the Loading Dock Gallery  at Western Avenue studios in Lowell MA, lots of affordable gifts .the gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday  11AM to 4:30PM
I have many beautiful painting that need a home like this one , a nice New England farm .
The weather was beautiful again today , I do want to paint snow I am sure it will come  soon  enough .
Email me and make a reasonable offer !

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Blood farm in Winter

Pastel, 11x14 copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey
Happy to say I did not go out on Black Friday , We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day yesterday with the family ,today I just wanted to stay home and work on my art for our own two week ends of Holiday market place at Western Avenue studios , I am making beautiful Paste paper for scrapbooking , journaling , or collage  also making some small watercolor Books , all this kept me busy most of the day , went outside for awhile to start winterizing the chicken coop ,they have been so happy to be loose in the yard with this beautiful weather we had all day .
this pastel is a nice one , it is framed and on display at my studio in Lowell , old farms are make a wonderful keepsake .email

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tremont Street Kiosk

Watercolor 8x10 copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey
From my last trip to Boston last week when we went to the International show , when we came out of the Cyclorama ,the sun was  setting on the city, the light was just beautiful,  the people going home from work where creating these long shadows , I think I have recreated that scene !
Tomorrow it's Thanksgiving , I imagine everyone is cooking and baking already , My daughter -in-law will cook the turkey and host our family dinner , I am just making an apple pie .
interested in this painting email me
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Le village

oil 8x10 copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey
I had a busy week end of mostly Art socializing and not painting , started with a visit to Newburry street ,visited the Copley Society, the Guild of Boston then on to the Cyclorama to the Boston International fine art show , all were great I saw so many beautiful paintings that would take your breath away the prices with it . I was with two other friend so we had a great time , the next day it was the opening at the Wistler house Museum where I had a painting juried in , there again beautiful art work and great friends some I had not seen in years , to end the week end  this afternoon we had a pot luck dinner at the studios ,great food and company ! all this they was no time to paint I did managed a few photos while in town .
this painting would make a nice present for someone  or yourself .$99.00 free shipping in the US
email me nlcasey 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Proud to be an American Farmer

Watercolor 7x8, copyrighted 2011 by Nita Leger Casey
Working from my recent Maryland trip, wanted to paint them before I loose the interest with the Holidays coming , I love farms  and barns , this one caught my attention first the red barn and this farmer must be proud to be an American and I love that !In Maryland the farms are so clean and well kept ,wish it was like that everywhere.
I am also working very hard for our two open house week ends in December , I am making beautiful paste paper ,good for scrap booking also making small journals , they all will be at the studio for sale .
this watercolor is available by emailing me , it would make a nice present for someone who collects old farms .

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After church

Watercolor 5x7 " After Church" copyrighted 2011 by Nita Leger Casey

When I was in Maryland a couple weeks ago , my grandson and I went into the country side on Sunday morning  when we came upon a Mennonite church , the young girls where  outside waiting for their ride , the boys were on the other side , I took this photo in my rear view mirror , I was a little afraid to do it ,but it was a picture moment  ! I don't often do figures but i just wanted to do it in a very loose style .

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gallery on Newburry street

Watercolor 6x8 Copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey  sold

 Fall is nice ,but it also comes with a lot of yard cleaning ,this is what I have been doing the last two days.
I am taking this  opportunity to post previous work . and call it "make me an offer days"
This is a  watercolor from my Newburry street series in Boston of a very well known gallery the Childs Art Gallery , I would love to find a home for it , it's matted ready to go in a frame  , every week I will post a painting where you can make me an offer ,email me

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Le Chateau de Fontainebleau

 Chateau de Fontainebleau
Watercolor 6x8 (c) 2011 by Nita Leger Casey
When I was a young , This castle was one of my favorite to visit with my family , at the time not so much for the castle itself but the gardens and the fish ponds , they used to have the biggest red fish in it , I only lived about an hour from it ,so it was a Sunday ride or a school field trip , the inside is just beautiful! I took this photo a few years ago ,Tim and I had lunch right across the street from it .If you go to France ,this is a good one to visit , this was my choice to paint today at the studio in a very rainy day .Email me if you are interested in this watercolor .

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

French Country life

Watercolor 6x8 (c) by Nita Leger Casey
 French Country life
 A painting that needs a home , if you have traveled to France and want to remember what it was like walking to get your fresh bread from the bakery ,this watercolor would bring you back !
email me if you are interested ,

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Lowell neighborhood

watercolor 6x6 (c) 2011 by Nita Leger Casey
Just a small neighborhood view of Lowell, an old Mill town with character !
I have posted this before ,in case some collector missed that one ,here it is again .
email me if interested  

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Somewhere on the Mason and Dixon line

7x10 watercolor ,copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey
Monday while in Maryland I took a drive with my grandson  to take some photos , we were right on the Mason and Dixon line so at times we where in PA ,and sometimes in Maryland , we took lots of photos , we came upon this scene that was so picturesque with all the geese in the small pond , I knew I would paint it , and that is what I did today at my studio after being away for a week it was nice to be there again , this Saturday we are open so if you are in the area ,come by!
email me,  if you are interested in this watercolor . my work is very affordable .

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Little calf

Watercolor (C) 2011,5x7 by Nita Leger Casey
Carson and I found this cute little one # 76 in a pasture during our photo shoot expedition, all babies are cute!
Carson was so exited to find all the animals we took pictures of that day . I really had a wonderful time with my grandchildren .
Well I must get back to reality ,open house this week end at Western avenue studios .
our area looks like a war zone after the storm this week end , 70 percent of the people don't have power in our town , we are the lucky ones ,but my poor yard is a disaster,lots of work ahead !
this small painting is available if you are interested , a good deal $65.00 matted ! email me

Monday, October 31, 2011

sketch #2 of Maryland trip

watercolor (c)2011,by Nita Leger Casey   sold
This sketch was done from my  kitchen window at my son's house , I was having my breakfast when all I could see was these beautiful shadows across the street, so the sketch book came out at that time ,I think I captured the scene the way I wanted .This afternoon I took Carson and we went for a photo shoot of all the beautiful farm around,we had a lot of fun finding some beautiful places , laundry lines with Monday's wash ,cows sheep and lots of duck and Geese .
 He said on our way back ,it was a lot more fun then I thaugh .he took 75 photos ,he is 7 years old

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sketching with grandson

Sketch of a farm in Maryland after the storm (c) 2011by Nita Leger Casey
 My grandson and I went out painting this morning in a very rural part of Maryland with beautiful farms and rolling hills,mostly Mennonites families live in the area, it was nice to  see them all dressed up coming out of church this morning.One family was worried about us just parked on the side of the road, they stopped and asked if we needed helped, after i showed them the sketch they were fine with it .I did take some beautiful photos of cows and sheep, might go back in the area again tomorrow.Not sure what my yard looks like after the storm while we are away !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween House in New England

Watercolor 8x8 Copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey
Last week I was driving through the town of Hudson, NH and was stopped at a red light when this house really caught my eye it just looked like Halloween season or maybe haunted, I loved the strong light on it, I know the tree is in the middle but I think it added to the look of spooky ,anyway I just had  seconds to snap a photo  before the light turned green . I painted this at my studio today after having a nice lunch with my artists friends in the third floor.
Yesterday I had a terrible day after getting bit by a tiny deer tick again it was hooked on me for at least 18 hours , after many calls to doctor, nurses etc... I received a doses of antibiotics,I already have Lyme in my system from another bite a few years ago ,they are now very bad ,my neighbors got bit twice last week .
This painting is for sale ,email me if you are interested 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Place Jeanne D'Arc

(C) Watercolor by 
Nita Leger Casey
Still on my French Mode , here is one watercolor  I painted a while back of the Place Jeanne D'Arc ,in the town of Orleans where I grew up , the statue of Jeanne d'Arc is a beautiful monument in the center of town, every May 8 th  the city has a big parade celebrating her victory .
this painting is available , just email me for the details

Thursday, October 20, 2011

L'Ancienne Hotel du Midi

Watercolor by 
Nita Leger Casey ,copyrighted 2011
Thinking about France made me look at some of my old photos, this is a hotel that my Aunt owned in the town of Checy, it was called L'hotel du Midi , I probably could write a book about it, a lot of Family history happened there, weddings, religious events, births and funerals the family would gathered  at the hotel after, I have just about every relatives photos in front of this old hotel even  during World War two as well , the name is changed now, but the memories live on .
This was from a photo I took about 4 years ago  now called Bar de la Diligence .
If you have a photo of a place that you would like to have  a painting for  memories ,
email me

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Missing Paris

5x7 watercolor
copyrighted (C) by Nita Leger Casey
I had a full day today of things to do . The weather was very dismal rain again this has been a wet fall and the leaves are falling fast. Then I was thinking about Paris after one of my collector came by and told me how she and her family had a wonderful time this past summer, made me a bit homesick !
It has been awhile since I went to visit, the time just goes by so fast .
This was a quick watercolor I have done from a previous trip .it is available email me  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rocky neck Harbor

Watercolor by Nita Leger Casey
7,5x7,5 copyrighted 2011
I have been away from my blog for a few days .We had company , Friends from Minnesota who came to visit and see the New England colors  ,the weather was not the best but they had a great time visiting , knowing the area very well has a painter I was able to sent them to many beautiful places . Today it was time to go back to the studio and work on things I wanted to do ,this painting was done from a photo I took last month in Gloucester when the sun was going down ,I knew I wanted to catch this wonderful light reflecting on the boats and building .I think I did it !you will be the judge !
email me if you are interested in this one

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back street of New England

8x10 watercolor (c)
Nita Leger Casey 
In a Fall mode! I painted this a while back also but it needed a bit more colors so I just took the watercolor brush with some stronger colors and just gave it a punch !
This was done in a local street in my small town of Pepperell.
New England is the best at this time of year !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall in New Hampshire

Fall in New Hampshire 
pastel 6x8 (C) Nita Leger Casey
The fall is not as bright as this painting yet ,this is fall scene from last year where the colors were  more vibrant ,I think it will come just a little bit later this year,this past week end I could almost see the colors change in front of my eyes . 
This painting would love to find a home ,so email me if you are interested

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Afall Maplel leaf

Well after three days here, I think fall is making an appearance finely, I think two weeks later than usual .It sure was a beautiful day here in the Western mountains of Maine,80 degree the past two days,yesterday I visited my artists friends on the mountain , Sugarloaf that is! they had a wonderful art show there,one I used to do years ago ,it was a lot of fun but so much work to drag all my paintings up there, I gave it up,  and now enjoy visiting them.Well the leaf are changing and falling ,winter next!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Les Chevaux de bois

 Les Chevaux de bois
Watercolor 5x7 (c) 2011 by Nita Leger Casey
Here is another one I have wanted to do for a longtime , I took these photos of carousels when they come every year  in the town field and wanted to paint them with a minimum details,but mostly capture the light on them . I take thousands of photos every year then forget about them until I am looking for something else in the folder and my memory comes back why i took this ,getting old is not funny! I waste more time looking for things .
When I was a young child in Orleans, sur la place de la gare , I always wanted to ride the carousel when we went downtown ,but my parents would trick me and take a different street so I wouldn't see it .
This painting is available email me

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The waiters

The waiters Sold
5x7 watercolor (c) 2011
Nita Leger Casey
Here is another painting that was on my drawing board for awhile ,sometimes I get involve in many projects so some have to wait , this was one of them ,from my Newburry Street series I do ounce in awhile , today I decided to go to the studio and concentrated , I did take a break for a bus load of Japanese ladies who came to Lowell to visit the quilt museum and our Mill at WAS ,they bought some art cards so that was a bonus today !
It rained all day ,the week end supposed to be nice ,sure hope so !
this painting is for sale ,email me

Monday, October 03, 2011

Time to pick apples

Watercolor 5x7 copyrighted 
The past few days I had no time to paint with the Lowell open studio week end , it was  a  lot of work but very successful for our group, over 2000 people came through the building in two days ,.I just did a lot of  greeting and talking ,explaining different style of work ,most people wanted to know where all the houses I painted where located ,tons of compliments , I would be so rich if I could count them as dollars! I did sell some paintings so it was very nice .
I know it is this time of the year when people pick apples ,so I posted this little painting of one of my granddaughters , great for memories !

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pen and Ink sketch at Ocean Breeze

 8x10 sketch ,pen and ink (c) 2011 Nita Leger Casey
Here is another sketch done this summer before I painted a Pastel version of this scene ,yesterday it was a pencil one , I just taught I would show some of my process before painting some of my work , of course being a  very impatient person  I don't always do that and go right to the paint brush., this was the front porch where we were staying this summer ,a wonderful view on to a bay called Bailey's mistake  on the Bay of Fundy . Some great work happened right there on that table  when you have 8 artists painting away !lots of fun ...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sketch of view from the studio

Not much time to paint the last few days with the preparation of the Lowell open studios , a city wide event  for two days, hope the weather will be in our favor , not too hot and not raining , the fall has come fast in Massachusetts , the colors have not changed that much but the leaves are falling already, .I do love fall with all it's  activities , apple picking ,corn maize, fairs art shows etc...
I posted this small sketch to show it is always a good idea to do before you do a painting and work on the composition,drawn anytime free time you have ,it is a good practice !
Tomorrow I will be hanging paintings for the show !

Monday, September 26, 2011

Back street of Lubec

Watercolor 22x28 (C) Nita Leger Casey 

This is a painting I painted on location a few year back , a place I go every summer to paint and enjoy every minute of it.
It is always nice to record some of these scenes as they are always changing ,one of the houses have been demolished the year after I painted this, If you have a street or town you would like to be painted to remember the was it was , email me I might be able to just do that , painting a memory to keep ! this painting was sold to a collector in NY.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Walking the dog

Walking the dog in Portsmouth
Watercolor 5x7  (c) by Nita Leger Casey.
I was off line for a few days with no Internet second time this month, I think Charter  finely fixed the problem after three visits of repairman , wish people would know how to do their job!
I have been doing a lot of preparation for our open studio ,framing ,printing etc... so this is a re post of a painting done in the same town as the previous painting , It would make a nice present for someone who walks their dog in town .
email me if you are interested nlcasey@charter .net

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Somewhere in Portsmouth

Watercolor 6x8
(c) 2011 
Nita Leger Casey
A painting I had on my drawing board for a while and decided to finish it , sometimes things gets to be put back in the back burner and you never know when you get to it !so many things to do at times.
I really wanted to make this street scene very sunny and I think I have achieved my goals .   
Well today I had a nice time with my friends who are all artists , some of them I have known for 30 years when they was only a few of us artists around the area .
This painting is for sale ,email me 
$120.00 matted

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rooster #3

Watercolor on antique cook book page
(c) 2011 Nita Leger Casey
What a dreary day today ! cold and raining ,sure was not expecting this . At least I managed to find some time to paint . The Nashua Artists Breakfast club tomorrow and my very good friend Margrit is coming up from the Cape, an artist herself we will have a lot to catch up from the Art world .