Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Market day " copyrighted 2009
watercolor 6x8 by Nita Leger Casey
If you are following my bad weather misery , yesterday after an snow and ice storm , this morning i couldn't walk anywhere , the snow banks were so high i couldn't reach my poor chickens who are really cooped up , I guess that is where that saying come from ! I did managed later during the day to get to them . I retrieved to my studio most of the day and painted my daily , a market scene from the Sologne region of France , about two hours south of Paris .
a wonderful area to visit if you go there .
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Going to Market" copyrighted 2009, Nita Leger Casey
Watercolor 6x8

The snow came , the ice and now the rain on top of that , you just can imagine the mess we have outside , the dogs nearly drove me crazy all day while painting , they are upset over this weather. Our breakfast club was canceled again , we have no luck on the Wednesdays since the beginning of December .
This small scene was the usual Saturday morning in this small town where my mother lived in her later years , we would parked the car and walk trough this small street to reach the open market , a real treat for my kids when they used to visit there Grandmother.
My French series of paintings are the true back streets of France .
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

L'eglise du village , copyrighted 2009
watercolor 8x6
Sunny day today ! but cold and snow on it's way for tomorrow , looks like I will be staying in again , I really don't want to paint snow anymore ,I will concentrate more on my French scenes.
This is the same village of Chambon -la-Foret about 60 miles south of Paris , it's on the edge of the Famous Foret d'Orleans ,a large protected Forest , a place that my family used to take long walks in the woods and picked mushrooms when they were in seasons.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Chambon-la-Foret ,copyrighted 2009 , Nita Leger Casey
Watercolor 6x8 sold
When I got up this morning to go walking it was -4 degree , a bit cold and decided to called it off and go later when the sun was up, but the temperature stay cold all day ,now they are talking more snow for Wednesday , in days like this , I have a hard time believing about global warming ! anyway I stayed in and painted this French scene , thinking about being there , this is from a small town where my nephew and family live , a very quaint village.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Champs de coquelicot, copyrighted Nita Leger Casey
Oil on canvas 11x14
Fields of wild flowers like this one with poppies is very familiar in France , the farmers don't really like them ,they are weeds for them in there hay fields but the artists do , many artist have painted fields of poppies , this was a field down the road from my mother's house a few years back . When I was young I would picked them to bring them home to my mother ,but as soon as you do ,they start wilting.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Petit village de StJulien" copyrighted
watercolor matted and framed with a gold frame 11x14
I wanted to stay with the French series ,this is painting from my gallery .
These last few days I have been busy cleaning plaster dust after the remodeling of a bathroom /laundry room , dust went everywhere , what a job! I probably will be at it for a couple more days , and I just want to paint !
This painting is for sale $250.00 all framed .
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chateau du Moulin , copyrighted 2009
Watercolor 6x8 sold
Another castle, this Medieval one is in the Sologne region where my family come from, it's a private castle , open to the public at times , this is the entrance from the moat, the main part has a lot of towers , beautiful architecture and beautiful grounds .
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Le chateau de Chenonceaux , copyrighted 2009
watercolor 5x7 sold
I was raised in the Loire valley where all the Castles are located , I grew up visiting all of them a few times a year , if not with my family, it was the school trips for cultural exposure , I was not crazy about them then , they used to smell old and mildew, heavy wax, but when you are a kid you don't appreciate the beauty and history they all had , we had so many I was not that impressed , one of my uncle was even a Inn keeper of one , our first year of married life was a three room apartment in the second floor of one . We left France to come to the US ,and when I returned to France a few years later, they looked so different , and I fell in love again with the rich history and architecture of my own backyard . So When my children were small we visited the castles again and again also , this one was a favorite of them ,because they was an Animal zoo in the gardens .
If you are interested in My french series of painting ,email me

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Capitol , copyrighted 2008 oil 6x8
Best wishes to the new administration today ! Presidential Inauguration day 2009 ,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Example of a House Portrait Commission , watercolor copyrighted
A busy week end , between snow storms ,cleaning the house and a birthday party , not much time to paint!
Just posting a House portrait ,and wanted to remind collectors , I gladly accept commissions of someones home , always an excellent gift for a parent a neighbor who is moving , a church for a wedding present , a vacation home me

Friday, January 16, 2009

Homage to Andrew Wyeth " the Olson house"/studio/ museum
Watercolor 15 x 22 copyrighted 2006
A sad day for the art world , Andrew Wyeth passed away today at the age of 91. one of the best American painter . The painting above, I painted couple years ago for a demonstration for the Lexington art society it was done in front of an audience in a couple hours . I have visited the Olson house in Cushing a few times and always been fascinated by it , this is where he painted Christyna's world , one of the most famous painting ,the house is part of the the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland , Maine
they have the largest art collection of all the Wyeth family . Every year my friends and I stop there on our way to Lubec .I have seen the house in the winter , spring and summer , a beautiful place to visit ,tourists come from all over the world to see it .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Pepperell barn"
6x8 Watercolor copyrighted 2009
After painting a few old beauties of the area , I figured I should not forget the beautiful farms we have here also, this one is also just down the street from me .
The cold is persistent and will be worst tomorrow , so I will stay in a warm house tomorrow and paint some more .
If you always loved an old barn ,or collect them , email me all my paintings look for a nice home ,all original work is an investment! $100.00 plus shipping

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"This old house in Pepperell "
Watercolor 6x8 , copyrighted 2009
This is what a cold winter day looks like in Massachusetts ,This old house is down the street from me , I think I look at it every time I go by, it actually looks nice in the summer also ,it has an old fashion red roof ,but right now it's covered with snow . In this quint town where I live , we have lots of houses like this one , it's probably circa 1885 , it's amazing how they still stand with grace and look beautiful, some more than others , some need a face lift, and some you wonder about if the walls could talk! that is the beauty of New England .
When I first came to this country my biggest shock was the houses were made out of wood , coming from France where everything is made with stone or bricks , little did I know ,how beautiful they were . Email me if you are interested
I always accept commissions , just ask!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Grandma's clothes line , copyrighted 2009
Watercolor 6x8
A wonderful sunny day in a winter day , good enough to dry clothes just like grandma used to do ,Clothes used to smell so good! now new neighborhoods don't even allow a clothes line , it's a shame , look at all the energy wasted , well! in Maine it is still a familiar scene, I just love to see it . Over the years I have taken lots of photos of different lines , some coordinate the colors , or their underwear .
If you are interested in this painting ,email me
I welcome house portraits commissions .

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Victorian in winter, copyrighted 2009
5x7 watercolor
We woke up to about 8 inches of snow , fresh snow always looks very beautiful , until you have to go and shovel !
Couple days ago , I was in Jaffrey and spotted this lovely Victorian house , I knew right then, I wanted to paint this old beauty ,so I did just that this afternoon , somehow these old houses have a way of getting my attention .
email me if you are interested
commissions always welcome !

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Watercolor Winter sketch, copyrighted
As we speak , it is snowing again ,we are to expecting about 9 inches , so I figured a winter sketch was appropriate ! Today I did paint with friends of the NH pastel society, our still life was absolutely beautiful , thanks to Sue and Sharon , all with yellow objects, flowers and clothes very complex , I did not have the time to finish it , Carolyn also served us a wonderful lunch, I will work on it maybe tomorrow . email me if you are interested.

Friday, January 09, 2009

"French wildflowers "
watercolor 8x10, copyrighted
My day was filled with painting delivery at different art shows in New Hampshire. The chore an artist has to make from time to time . My friends and I took the drive to Jaffrey and Peterborough , it was the first time that I went there since the ice storm in December, it was unbelievable and sad to see all the broken trees from the ice.
This is a watercolor that I painted a couple years ago in France , i had picked the flowers while on my morning walk, took one of my mother's dish cloth and painted these delicate flowers, and had fun doing it.
if you are interested email me

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"La route de chabris "
Watercolor ,5x7 copyrighted 2009
Well, we had our day with the self portraits , It was actually fun to see everyone on Daily Painters .
I must say today was a dreary day , it snowed, iced, rain all day ,I just hope we don't get a repeat of the December storm during the night , the trees are full of ice again!
This is my work for today , a watercolor of French series I do ounce in awhile , this was the village next to my mother's house , my kids used to love to go there to the open market and the newspaper store , their Grand mother used to give them francs to buy candies , in the spring it has this wisteria all over , I should call it Wisteria lane .
Email me if you are interested, the watercolor is matted to an 8x10 acid free matt

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Self-portrait of Nita Leger Casey copyrighted 2009 , oil on linen
This is the Daily Painters challenge of the month, something I don't do very often , Portraiture is not my best , but i did it in a couple hours on Sunday. I have done a few in the past but mostly in pencil , when I used to teach a Children class .
Tomorrow we are expecting another snow/ice storm , not too happy about it because I usually meet my art buddies, the breakfast club , with all the storms we have not seen each other since the beginning of December , but that's New England for you!

Monday, January 05, 2009

"La boulangerie de Paris " Sold
watercolor 5x7 copyrighted 2009
Part of the day today was going trough all old magazines, papers , articles you save and forget why? a huge trash bag of it , part of my New Year resolution! I will do that all week and hopefully I will fill better and really start some new work that I will get exited about, that's the plan!
Tomorrow we are posting our self portrait , I have worked on that yesterday , portraits are not my thing , i did two of them ,one looks more like me then the other so we will see what I get for reaction . I should really do more ,but I would rather paint a house .
If you visited Paris ,you have seen many boulangeries like this one , I wonder if someone will recognized this one ? email me if you are interested

Sunday, January 04, 2009

'Le bar de Sologne "
Watercolor 5x7 copyrighted 2009
The holidays are over and it is back to work , so I decided to start with a few watercolors ,I love the medium , a few years back that's all I was using , I guess I go back and forth . I was in many competition local and National ,received awards and all , but trends dictate of what we should paint , so I returned to oils and pastels , but i still like a nice watercolor ,nicely matted and framed ,they are a gem!
Email me if you are interested

Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Picking up shells"
copyrighted 2009, miniature 2,5x3,5
I am not back in my routine yet, all the kids went back home , I cleaned the house a bit, still more to do, my studio had become a storage place when everyone was here , also three dogs who made themselves at home in the studio , it really had gone to the dogs !
This is from my summer trip to Maine .

Thursday, January 01, 2009

"Spanish moss "
oil on linen 10x14 copyrighted 2008
My daughter who lives in South Carolina was not able to come for the holidays , we sure missed the family, this tree made me think of her and my grandchildren ,when I was there in March I was fascinated with these huge trees with moss all over , they are so interesting in shape .
email me if you are interested in this painting.