Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Gost house .

Watercolor (c)2012
Nita Leger Casey
Happy Halloween to all! this is an old one but I love to post it on this day ,I painted this while in Maryland one year , but this type of house are everywhere in the North East !
Have a great night everyone !

Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or treat!

Watercolor 8x8
(c) 2012
Nita Leger Casey  Sold
Just wondering if the children of the East coast will be able to go trick or treat this year again, last year we had a snow storm ,this year Sandy has arrived with a fury of destruction. So far we still have power just a lot  of wind and rain for us but we are way in land ,I feel bad for all the coastal people .This is supposed to last a few days,I hope by Friday it will be OK for the opening of my show at the Loading Dock gallery, it is called "Lowell through my eyes " If you are interested in this painting ,contact me for the details

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall reflections

miniature watercolor (c)2012
Nita Leger Casey
Here is another miniature who will part of my show next week. The show is about me traveling the streets of Lowell on my way to my studio ,it is amazing that this city has hundreds of houses just like this one,beautiful old home!streets after streets,some of course have seen better days but some have come back to life, I imaging younger families have moved in and giving them the care they deserve ,I love old homes! Remember the opening is on Nov.2 ,6 to 9 at the Loading Dock gallery.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A fall day in the city

mini acrylic,(c)2012
Nita Leger Casey
The colors are just beautiful these days, I took a drive in the city of Lowell couple days ago to see how the vibrant colors of fall to compare to the country side, sometimes you do not have to travel far to see beautiful colors ,this miniature will be in my show next week.
 At the Loading Dock Gallery in Lowell, MA

Friday, October 19, 2012

We need fuel !

8x10 watercolor (c) 2012
Nita Leger Casey
I must have my show ready in ten days it will be going up at the Loading Dock Gallery, 
" Lowell through my eyes" The show is about what I see when i drive to my studio in Lowell and it might not be your regular scenes that you expect .This train goes by the studio almost every day so this is what I captured that day a train full of fuel , not sure where is was going ? a lot of them go to Maine. these will be available at the show or if you feel you must have it ,I will save it for you , email me

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Listen to me!

Watercolor  9x12
Nita Leger Casey
This summer while in Maine, my friend Tammy and I were driving to a house close to the farm we stay at when these two ravens or crow, not sure of the difference? perched on top oft he roof talking to each other, I couldn't help thinking that the mate was telling the other, listen to me ! and he was ignoring her, this was my interpretation of the scene. After last week at my house when Tim didn't want to go to the hospital, I was thinking of the ravens on the roof!
He is home doing fine, must take it easy for awhile and tons of medications to take, this was a warning so I hope now he will listen .
If you are a collector of ravens this is the painting for you ,email me  

Friday, October 12, 2012

Journal watercolor entry

Alton bay,NH
Watercolor journal c)2012
Nita Leger Casey
This was an entry in my journal from  two weeks ago on our trip to NH.
No new work this week , we had a emergency here with my husband who had a breathing problem, managed to convinced him to go to the Dr. after many arguments, results he had a Heart attack and didn't know it, so you never know! he is OK , It was a warning for sure and to listen to your wife!
I think he has learn his lesson. 

A.T. Hibbard show

Poster of the show .

If you have a chance to visit Rockport Ma , this is a wonderful show  to see , I went with four  artists friends to see and listen to a lecture by Stapelton Kearns ,the show runs for a month well worth the trip if you live in New England .

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Morning on the pond

Watercolor.9x6 (c) 2012
Nita Leger Casey
  I painted this a morning in Maine while everyone was still sleeping ,the sun was coming up the fog was lifting ,it was so peaceful ! I had to work fast,  the scene was changing minute by minute ,no time to think too much and no time for mistake, I was pleased by the outcome !
this painting is available email me

Monday, October 08, 2012

Farm by the river

8x10 watercolor(c)2012
Nita Leger Casey   Sold

I painted this while I took a break from posting on Daily painters,because this past week I did not have time for anything but getting ready for the Big week end in Lowell, I am looking for paintings that did not get attention before. Well The week end was a bit disappointing for me,we did not get the crowd we normally get, it was a fairly nice week end and I think many people went up North to see the foliage, and I sure don't blame them! I would of myself if this was not planed.
As Artists we always make excuses why people did not come or buy, it' just the way it is ! This scene caught my eye while driving this little country road in Maine, I love the sunlight coming through the trees .I think I did capture it. this watercolor is available just email me

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Looking in!

watercolor (2012)
Nita Leger Casey
Getting ready for a huge city wide open studios is taking some of my precious painting time, i sure hope it will be worth it in the long run, we are expecting a couple of thousand people walking through the hall ways of Western Avenue, In the same time I am getting ready for a solo show in November ,lots of framing still needs to be done !
This painting I am posting today is of a window at  at the Olson's house in Maine where Andrew Wyeth painted for many years , now part of the Rockland Farnsworth  Museum , a beautiful place to visit. If you look close, I also painted myself taking the photo of it ,he painted many beautiful paintings from this house one being Christina's world .This painting is available ,email me
 If you are in the Lowell, MA. area this week end stop by the Western Avenue Studios 11AM to 5PM

Monday, October 01, 2012

Rock and cat-tails

Watercolor 16x20
Nita Leger Casey
A new painting done this summer at my retreat ,set up the still life in front of a beautiful painting done by Tim Gatos a local artist who spends his summers there, the reflection of two windows in the blue bottle, a cloth I had rescued from textile example on an antique cabinet, I do love to get really involve in sitting my props.
This painting can be viewed at the Lowell open studios this week end in Lowell Massachusetts at Western Avenue studios ,I will be there at 407A, All studios will be open this week end Saturday and Sunday 11AM to5PM  , a great way to see the city as well .