Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween
If you have been following my blog ,by now you must know ,I love to paint houses, mostly with character , many are in Maine and this one is one of them located in the town of Hollowell , I painted this a few years ago , this house just reminded me of a Steven King house, I made the sky drastic to give it that scary hunted feeling . A perfect day to post this one.
Happy Halloween to all ,
oil on linen 18x24 original and copyrighted
I accept commissions of houses and gardens

Monday, October 29, 2007

New England fall
I watched the RED SOX the last four nights , They are the World Champions and I am glad it's over , I need sleep! I managed to paint this scene nearly falling asleep on my palette.
This scene is on my walk inside our beautiful local cemetery. Also worked on my yard today , we had our first frost last night,that means pulling out all the dead flowers , now it will be the leaves to pick up, not looking forward to that .
8x8 oil on wrapped canvas. email if interested nlcasey@charter.net

Sunday, October 28, 2007

fall scene #4
The RED SOX are doing great, watched the game until 2 AM , I never cared one way or another before , but the New England spirit is catching! So again Go RED SOX!
The other morning when my friend and I were walking with our dogs , the moon was still up , when I got back home I painted this scene from memory ,and used a bit of artistic licence .
8x8 oil on wrapped canvas , $100.00 email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net
all my work is original and copyrighted.
Become an true Art collector and buy Original !

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Woodland path
Posting between commercials as the game is on , Go RED SOX !
This is a path that goes to the mountain where the bears live , last year I was about 30 feet from one, he came down while I was painting at our picnic table , my husband was talking to me when he said to me BEAR.. , I didn't panic ! I grabbed my camera from the table and walked to get a better shot , he actually posed for me , he was a teenager ,I guess! but big enough, about a month later one of my neighbor bragged about getting his bear, I was a bit sad because he really was a cute one, I might paint him one day from the photo I took.
Maine woods series
The Woodland path , 8x8 wrapped canvas, $100.00 + Shipping email if interested nlcasey@charter.net
All my work is original and copyrighted

Friday, October 26, 2007

Maine woodland 2 The long shadows in the forest when the sun is going down are always nice to see , and this is my woodland #2
8x8 oil on canvas on wrap around the stretchers , no need to frame , it would make a great pair with the previous post . email me nlcasey@charter.net sold

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maine Woodland In Maine in our woods ,this is what I captured as the sun was about to go over the mountain, the next few days I will post some woodland scenes, the leaves are falling fast ,about another week and it will be all gone and the woods will have a different look before the snow will set in .
this is a 8x8 canvas wrapped all around ,no frame needed. Perfect gift of an original painting.

$125.00 email me if interested, nlcasey@charter.net

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Antiques from the attic

I was away for a few days from my blog,up in Maine with the family building a deck , I was the apprentice and now very tired ,but a nice change to my painting .
This still life is from items found in the attic this summer.
6x12 oil on canvas email me if interested it's a nice addition to any collection of antiques $150.00
email nlcasey@charter.net

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Grapes on quilt I wanted to try some new canvas panel from Raymar real linen, so I set up a bowl of fruit on my quilt that I have in a kitchen , I have a series of fruits on a similar setting , the linen was nice ,I would recommend these panels .
I won't be posting for a few days , have to help my boys with a deck project .
so here is an oil on linen 6x8 nice size for a grouping .
email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sketch of a French shopping street

I am working on some commissions work right now , my time has been limited to do the daily small paintings ,my ideas of what I want to paint is piling up . This is a quick sketch of a scene I wanted to do one time , but this little guy was powerful and liked it as it was and never attempted the larger scene, maybe one day?
5x5 oil on watercolor paper

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

French market #2
I sure miss these market days , the vegetables, fresh cheese ,the charcuterie , and the fresh cooked chickens the breads and pastries .When my kids were small that was there favorite town to go with their grandmother for all the goodies ,by the time we got home they had eaten half the bread.
8x8 oil on canvas .
email if interested nlcasey@charter.net
French Market

From my Back roads of France series . This is a market where I used to go with my mother when I visited her ,every Saturday morning . This was from a photo taking two years ago ,before she passed away.
8x8 oil on canvas
this is an original painting and copyrighted

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall beauty
Hollis fine Art Festival , this is where I was today , we had a beautiful sunny day ,and hopefully again tomorrow, the show has been well attended ,a great bunch of artists from New England are showing their best. this show is on tomorrow also.
This is a larger painting from my collection of fall scenes.
16x20 oil on canvas framed $ 750.00 email if interested, nlcasey@charter.net

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A walk in the woods
The weather has changed with a bit of needed rain , the only trouble , I will be exhibiting at the outdoor show this week end in Hollis , NH. 90 artists will be participating for the second Annual Hollis Fine Art Festival Oct 13&14, I do hope it will clear up for this wonderful event , Hollis is the next town over from where i live , Steve Previte is the organiser of the event. If you are in New England visiting our beautiful colorful landscape ,visit our show .

My favorite time is to walk in the woods with my dog , and this is our walking path in the woods of Maine, painted on location,this past week end.
This is a miniature acrylic on paper 2,5x3,5 framed in a gold frame $75.00

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cold Spring farm This farm is very familiar to me in all seasons , this week end it was at it's peak of colors .
painted in a very impressionistic style of a New England farm.
16x20 oil on canvas $800.00

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kingfield ,Maine

Just got back after a nice long weekend in Maine where the colors of the fall foliage is perfect.
This is a larger painting of one of the churches in the town of Kingfield.
18x24 oil on canvas framed in a beautiful antique gold plein air frame . $1200.00
email if interested nlcasey@charter.net

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Voila, Nubble Had a wonderful day visiting my friends at the mountain ,Sugarloaf USA that is, Tracy Medling, Peter Meehan, Joyce Dubay, Melanie Farmer, all wonderful artist in the area.
also painted a nice fall scene.
But today I wanted to post the four paintings I have done the past four days , makes a great set for a decor Email me if you are interested nlcasey@charter.net

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The fishing shack at Nubble light
I am at the Maine studio catching the fall colors before all the leaves come off the trees, the weather is great, tomorrow i will go to Sugarloaf USA to see all my good friends at the yearly Art show at the lodge.
I worked on my # 4 painting of the Nubble lighthouse,the color might be off , the red is a lot brighter in the painting itself. Tomorrow I will display them all together.
so until tomorow for final view of Nubble light.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nubble light , York, Maine My friend Margrit came to visit from the Cape today, an artist herself ,so we had a lot to talk about ,we have been friends for over 25 years and have share many painting experiences together.
I worked on my third painting today of finely the light itself , I only wanted to do the first building because I liked it, this painting project grew , one more to come , not sure if it will be done tomorrow , but at least the next,
This is 6 x12 painting on canvas these paintings would look great as a set when done.
My work is original and copyrighted

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The house at Nubble light

If the Autumn colors were not here ,we would think we are still in summer, I am certainly not complaining!
I went to Breakfast club today and visit with my art friends, we are slowly getting our group back together after a busy summer with shows.
Steve , I couldn't find your website?
Here is my # 2 Nubble house 6x6 acrylic on canvas, $100.00 email nlcasey@charter.net
all my work is original and copyrighted

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nubble building in York, Maine While my relatives were here I took them to the Nubble lighthouse in York ,Maine . a beautiful day it was and took lots of photos, this was one of them , i decided to paint the buildings separately, this is #1 ,I love the rocks there , I have painted the lighthouse many times ,the first time was 1984 with my daughter before she went to college ,then another time with my grandson who I used to take to the ocean for the day . The scene is very familiar and very touristic.
6x6 acrylic painting on canvas. $100.00 email me if interested, nlcasey@charter.net
all my work is original and copyrighted.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Lace tablecloth
I am still trying to catch up with my work from my two weeks of traveling with my relatives ,
Friday I went to the opening of the NH Pastel Society, I am a member , we have a show in Jaffrey NH at the Civic center. Saturday I was at an outdoor show and Sunday I drove 150 miles to deliver work in Portsmouth NH. The weather has been really nice so my husband and Clancy came and enjoyed the afternoon in this wonderful port city ,very lively! today I had to pick up more work from another establishment , so in these last few weeks I have driven over 1000 miles in this area leaving me Little time to paint .
This was a smaller version of a large painting I had done in the past , I also design greeting cards when I am not outside painting, this was one of them , I will let some of my originals go for someone who will appreciate them.
Watercolor 8x10 white matt 11x14 $175.00 email if interested nlcasey@charter.net