Monday, January 31, 2011

The Coca Cola machine
watercolor 5x7 (C)2011
Nita Leger Casey
I just got home from a wonderful three day week end painting in the beautiful snowy mountains of NH, what we call snow camp! the sitting is at a nostalgic Grand Inn ,called the Sunset Hill house, it was an oil painting workshop ,but this morning when I looked out of my window I saw the Golf Club house under a morning sun and I couldn't help myself but paint this little scene in watercolor sitting on the edge of my bed before I came down for breakfast , it's also funny to see this Coca Cola machine with the snow . After a wonderful Breakfast we all went out in the snow ,not easy to walk in when we just had so much of it, but we managed and watched Stape paint another beauty ,and later we attacked our own ,the day was clear, Lafayette mountain and Cannon Mountain looked majestic, we also could see MT Washington at a far distance ,so this is what I worked on today a mountains scene ,I came home with 5 oils , I must do some finishing touch on them before I post them . another wonderful experience to be with fellow artists and friends .

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The red truck
oil on board (c)2011
Nita Leger Casey
from the high mountains of new Sugar Hill,NH at snow camp, wish we could see the hills but it has been fogged in the last few days, still having fun with a very nice bunch of artists ,and of course Stapelton Kearns as our leader doing great demos,it's cold! but nothing like last year just overcast. This was the first one yesterday painted from the back of the Inn ,lots of snow here ,actually has been snowing all day, the flurries sometimes lays on your canvas like it is part of the painting.
Must get ready for our dinner!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter barn in progress !
oil on board (C) 2011
Nita Leger Casey
I have spend my day cleaning snow here and there like everyone else on the East coast, I started this little painting late in the day , it is not totally finish but decided to post it and finish it tomorrow , also getting ready to go to snow camp with Stapelton Kearns this week end , hope the temperature will be a little bit better than last year , but I am looking forward to see my friends and paint this beautiful New Hampshire landscape .
tired tonight !

Monday, January 24, 2011

Au clair de la lune
pastel 6x8 (C) 2011
Nita Leger Casey
I guess I have fallen in love with our latest moon , so today I went ahead and painted another moon scene , this could be anywhere this season , this is a Maine house on a cold winter night . "au Clair de la lune " or by the light of the moon , when I say cold ,I mean it was cold last night -12 degree and right now at 7 pm it is only 1 degree . I painted this at my studio where is was nice and comfortable .
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moon river
Pastel 8x8 pastel paper , (c) 2011
Nita Leger Casey
The last few day we had a beautiful moon ,I wanted to paint every time I went out with the dog or check on my chickens ,walking early in the morning it was still up . Today at the studio I decided to make a scene of my recollection of the moon . I had gone to my studio to clean after the workshop I gave a few days ago and the pastels were still out ready for me to paint with,
that is what i did ! this pastel is available ,just email me

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Workshop demo
Pastel 6x8 (c) 2011
Nita Leger Casey
I had my first workshop at the studio today, it was a fun day ! with students who are eager to learn a new medium , the three of them did very well ! and went home with a few finish paintings done in Pastel .
Pastel can be confusing for someone the first time , so many different colors , so many types and brand , pencil, hard pastels , soft pastels , then we have the many different papers and surfaces . so it was a full day of experimenting and painting . I will repeat this day one day workshop next month .

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mr. Cardinal
Miniature 2,5x3,5 (c) 2010
Nita Leger Casey ,
It snowed all day today, feeding my birds as usual and became fascinated with them , I had so many you would of think they were having there last supper , I replenished the plate 4 times , at one time I could see four cardinals , never close to take a picture all together , but i did get some good ones . The snow ended and now it's rain turning to ice ,I wonder what it will be in the morning . My plan today was to paint something else , but couldn't resit the birds .
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter fields in Pepperell
8x8 oil on canvas
Nita Leger Casey
Painted this a few days ago at my studio ,it was from a photo I had taken before , Pepperell still has beautiful fields .
Actually today Tim and I went to Boston to see the city under snow , snow it was ! the cars were still buried in a lot of street , the street were very narrow, they were so much snow and no where to put it ,it was a beautiful day so lots people were walking , we also went down memory lane sight scene for Tim , where he went to school where he used to live ,where his relatives lived , from down town to the common to Newburry Street to Somerville ,Charlestown and the North end ,took some nice photos . Stop on the way home for a nice supper , Nice Day !
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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Little red fishing shack
Watercolor 8x10 copyrighted 2010
Nita Leger Casey
After the storm a couple days ago , I went for my usual car ride with Clancy at my side to see some nice fresh snow landscapes in Pepperell, I take the back roads that twist and turns around this area , most people never travel them , only painters and photographer do these things, the cars behind always get mad because I go slow , after a storm they're no place to stop so my blinker is on most of the time so the other can fly by . This little fishing shark sure caught my eye , not the first time ,but I think they must of painted it recently, it's probably two miles from my house .
sometimes we don't have to go far to find a painting ,we all must learn to see the beauty around us, specially in new England .
email me if you are interested

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chuck's blue truck
Watercolor 6x8 copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey
We did get this storm , at 8 AM we had 18 inches by the afternoon we had two feet ,the nice thing about it , it looks beautiful outside. Nobody was out today except the snow plows .
I missed not seeing my friends today Wednesday is our breakfast club day so instead I told them I would paint a scene from out of my window , this what I painted the view from my home studio looks in to my neighbors yard , I always like that little barn in the winter , it has character , it actually had a red truck there ,but chuck has a couple of them and the other one is blue ,the red one would of compete with the barn ,artistic license always comes very handy, both trucks were very busy all day because they were doing a lot of plowing .
tomorrow it should be just beautiful when the sun will shine on that fresh snow .
if you are interested in this painting Email me

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

View # 2 from the Sunset hill Inn
oil on canvas 16x20 copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey.
Studio again today , juts wanted to finish my # 2 painting that was painted on location and needed some final touch , i can't believe it took me a year to do this , what happen is my life is so busy, when i get back from a trip I have to catch upon chores and next thing you know another painting trip and on and on ! I really need an apprentice like they had in the old days ,too bad I can't afford one and a secretary , same here can't afford it , not easy being an artist !
I do love spending time in my studio at Western Avenue with no interruptions ,check it out.
We are waiting for a snow storm witch is due , the South is getting it all ! tomorrow will be a day to really do some catch up !
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Monday, January 10, 2011

View from Sugar hill Inn
oil 16x20 (c) 2011
Nita Leger Casey
Went to the studio today and touched up a painting I had done a year ago in Plein air at snow camp with Stapelton Kearns , with temperature 14 below 0. sure was cold !
It needed a few touches here and there, I like it better now, I figured I better do this now as I am going back there in a few weeks, I think it will be a reunion , It will be nice to see some old friends and talk shop . Stape is so knowledgeable about art history, it's a pleasure to listen to him at night while we are all sitting around the table .
We are waiting for some snow here , seems like the South is getting all the snow this year .

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Galette des Rois
Watercolor 5x7 , copyrighted2011
Nita Leger Casey
I couldn't eat the Galette I made this morning so I decided to paint it instead , it's not I didn't like it but just started a diet and I am trying to stick to it , not easy ! i did have a sliver to make sure it tasted good when I gave Tim a slice with his coffee , he said it tasted just like in France , so I think I did good. It all started yesterday when I posted on Facebook about the Galette des rois a traditional Epiphany cake we eat the Sunday after new years , actually it had come to my mind when I called my Sister in France earlier in the day and asked her if she was going to eat some, thinking of our home tradition . My friends all commented on it my kids also ,so this morning I got up and made it , to my surprise it came out nice, in France we buy it from the patisserie.
If you are interested in the watercolor email me ,

Friday, January 07, 2011

Winter morning two
Watercolor miniature ,(C) 2011
Nita Leger Casey
It's cold and sure feel like snow is coming , the morning skies are still beautiful and this one again from my window , of course i should start getting brave and go out to paint it , but choose from my window again ,I am lucky to live on Main Street and have an empty field across the street and two acres in my back yard, in a bad day I can paint many scenes, actually today I let the chickens out enough patches of dry land for them to go and peck , I have a feeling they will be stuck in the coop after tonight's snow storm .
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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A tiny snow scene
oil on copper 2,5x3,5,(C)2010
Nita Leger Casey
Yesterday I went to the studios , had lunch with some friends and went up to my own studio to clean up a little , my mind was not on creating much , but forced myself thinking I did not come all this way for nothing so I picked up my brush and worked on a miniature , this time on copper, a typical scene I see just about everywhere around here after a snow storm .
Then today I met all my Friends at the artists Breakfast Club and we talked about shows and workshops and it seems like life is getting back to normal , Holidays and sickness can really take you of course . So happy to have a great group of friends !
This mini is for sale ,painted on copper is very special . email me

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Winter morning 2011 Sold
miniature watercolor (c) 20100
Nita Leger Casey
Just picked up my brush for the first time in a couple weeks and the first for 2011, the sky looked very pretty this morning right outside my window, after I came back from my morning walk and had a cup of coffee. I had a hard time getting up this morning ,but glad I did I feel i am getting back into a routine . Tim is still not feeling that great the shingle (Zona) is worst than I ever expected for him , I told him he got the platinum plan ! the pain is more than he would like ,I feel bad for him .
I know it's only a miniature , but better than none , miniatures are available for $ 25.00 with card and certificate . email me if you are interested

Sunday, January 02, 2011

"High water at the pond "
Oil on canvas paper 8x10 copyrighted
Nita Leger Casey
The house is getting back more or less to normal , the kids and grand kids went back home to Maryland , they are home safe ! Tim is feeling better , some of the Christmas decorations are put away , my gallery is still in a bit of a mess , this week will be the week to clean and get organized and back to painting .
This is another painting from my collection , a scene from our pond when it is high water in the late winter early spring . the painting is for sale $100.00 matted ready to frame email me if you are interested