Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday fishing, copyrighted 2009 by Nita Leger Casey
pastel 11x14
This painting was done on location last Sunday in Kennebunkport , Maine, from Ocean Avenue ,
when we got to this spot it really started to rain ,with pastels it's a problem so I sat inside the trunk of the jeep for this one , with a sheet of plastic making a tent , my friend and I had a good laugh . It was not plein air but fresh rain !
email me if you are interested , this painting is $200.00

Monday, June 29, 2009

St Ann's church , copyrighted 2009 by Nita Leger Casey
11x14 oil on canvas
I choose this scene , as it is a popular church in town over looking the ocean, many weddings and important ceremonies have taking place there , the latest event was President Bush senior who made a parachute jump at age 85, and landed at this spot. the painting was sold that night at the event, at the fresh paint auction .
Email me if you would be interested in a painting similar , I do take commissions

This was yesterday at a fundraiser event in Kennebunk port , Maine for the Heartwood college of art , my friends and I painted in the rain , nothing stoped us , we made a make shift studio of the back of the jeep .we later had an auction at the Nonantum Resort in town

Friday, June 26, 2009

The three visitors ,copyrighted 2009
pastel on paper 10x10 sold
Nita Leger Casey
If you have been following me for awhile , you know I have chickens , I have talked about their adventures in the past, these three belong to my children , they live a few miles from me, they are curious and always want to be part of the family . They are fascinating and I love them!
noticed their old friend inside !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"The parlor window"
11x14 pastel ,copyrighted
Nita Leger Casey
I have a hard time passing these old Parlor windows , they seem to have so much history , my house has one and I love it , sometimes I have to watch where I am driving ,because I will stop in a flash just to catch a window ,thinking it will make a nice painting, this was one of them !
This painting might bring memories of a grandma's house where they was a window just like this one . email me if you are interested .

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Garden gate ,copyrighted by
Nita Leger Casey
6x12 oil on canvas
This painting was done on location at a beautiful garden in New Hampshire, called the Fells garden , a very popular and Historical site in the Lake Sunapee area . It has a semi abstract feeling with pleasing colors .Email me if you are interested

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6x8 pastel on wallis paper
copyrighted 2009,by Nita Leger Casey

Demonstration #2 at the symposium ,

we just got home tonight after two days of traveling through the most beautiful scenic landscape in Canada and Maine . It will take me days to put all my material back at it's place , and I must get back on my daily routine .

Monday, June 22, 2009

Demo at the show , Pastel 11x14 copyrighted 2009,by Nita leger Casey

I just have spent the most wonderful four days at the Symposium , we were so busy with
25 000 poeple visiting the show , and talking to everyone while demonstating my time was limited to blog ,But I did promote our book and Daily Painters . Now packing to drive home ,we will take two days.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mini,mini landscape, copyrighted 2009 Nita Leger Casey
2,5x3,5 ACEO , oil on board
Cleaning my palette today before my trip to Canada. I painted a miniature before i disposed of left over paint half dried up on my palette , the only time I clean it is when I am in public ,at home I always find a small corner to mix all my paint , so it's clean now and ready to see 25000 people , that is what i am told !
My husband looked at the map today and did not realized it was going to be that far , I think it will be an adventure and I am ready for it.
I probably won't be able to blog until i get there , I will try to post photos of the event , stay tuned, if you are in Chicoutimi , Canada , stop by the Symposium .

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"The garden is planted" , copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey
5x7 oil on canvas

All my flowers are planted and my small garden also , now a mix of rain and sun should do the trick . I think more and more people are planting , it's great to see the process of getting fresh vegetables from your own garden . The next two days will be a lot of planning for my trip to Canada to the Art Symposium .
It should be fun ,and looking forward to meet the other artists.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wild roses , copyrighted 2009 , Nita Leger Casey
pastel 9x12 matted and framed
This is a very serene pastel scene of the coast of Maine , wild roses are everywhere in the summer ,painted on location, this painting is matted and frames by a professional framer with a dark wood Italian frame. It would look great in any decor .if you are interested in this painting email me .
Today I prepared canvas and pastel paper for my trip to Canada , much more preparations needs to be done ,but I am getting there .check the site

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lighthouse in Gloucester Ma, copyrighted by Nita Leger Casey
Watercolor 14x19
Busy with family these days , so my painting time is rationed , hopefully tomorrow I will paint ,but for today I am posting an older painting ,one that I always liked and would be happy to find a home for. I am also preparing for my big trip to the International Art Symposium in Canada . Looking at the map it's a 500 miles trip . I will be painting for three days there in front of a large audience , I am a bit apprehensive about it , lots to prepare ! check the website on my blog .

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Curious Georgette, copyrighted 2009 by Nita Leger Casey
pastel 5x7
Last month I had gone paint at a farm in Maine where they had chickens , geese ,ducks and more ,This one cough my eye when she was looking in the house , chickens are very curious animals ! and fun to have . anyone interested in this one email me $100.00 matted . free shipping .

Friday, June 05, 2009

Fishing shack in New Harbor, copyrighted 2009, by Nita Leger Casey
11x14 pastel matted to a 16x20
This was a painting done in Plein air last week end , we were to have lunch with all the artists at this restaurant called Shaw's famous for their fish dinners , so I parked in their parking lot and this is the scene that was across the way , I just couldn't pass this wonderful light on the building and that's what I did first ,to capture the light , it goes so fast ! I was pleased with the results .This painting is $425.00 , email me if you are interested

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pemaquid sunset,copyrighted2009 by Nita Leger Casey
Watercolor 6x8
I painted this early this morning from a photo I took a couple days ago , before doing some cleaning at the cabin, spiders have a way to take a place over when you are not here,being beautiful the last couple days ,it has been nice being here in the woods.Going back home tomorrow,

Monday, June 01, 2009

Crushing waves,copyrighted 2009, by Nita Leger Casey
pastel 11x14
Well , I am back from a three day paint out at Pemaquid light , we had a great time and produced some good work. what more could you ask?
My summers are spent between Massachusetts and Maine , if you have followed my blog ,you know I also go in the Western Mountains of Maine where I have a cabin in the woods, We are off to open for the season , I will blog from there next, painting Sea Shore this week end and will paint mountains during the week.
Crushing waves was painted on location ,I had to do it fairly quick as the tide was going out .
email me if you are interested , this painting is larger 11x14 and asking $250.00