Wednesday, January 28, 2015

After the storm!

pastel 5x7
 ©2015 Nita Leger Casey
We just had a big snow storm in New England over 30 inches of beautiful white powder.  Yesterday while watching the snow falling, taking pictures of birds who came to the feeder by the hundreds, walking back and fourth to see how much snow we were getting, picking at food every time I went by the kitchen, a storm will do that to you!  So at one time I decided to sit and paint a  little and this is what I did, just a simple winter landscape!
all my paintings are available ,just email me

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lowell's Bon Marche building

Watercolor 8x10 matted and frame 
©2014 Nita Leger Casey
My last post was a street scene of Lowell so I decided to post one from my collection at my studio who  needs a home, it's matted and framed with a simple gold frame . Lowell has a lot of history, this building at one time was probably the best place in town to shop, downtown has a lot to offer the tourists who come and visit the old mills , my studio is in one of them ! email me if you are interested,
 $150.00 , free shipping in the US

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dark sky in Lowell

8x10 Casein paint
on paper .©2015
It has been awhile since I posted, I had a husband with a bad cold, a sick chicken and extreme cold in New England left me a bit behind in my work !  the husband is fine ,the chicken didn't make it, but I must get back to my routine. I started painting this today,after the drawing was done I realized it was the wrong paper, I picked up a new paper on the market for oil painting,well watercolor does not work with that ,almost trashed it but after supper decided to experiment with it and used casein paint I think I saved it!  a lesson learn with the paper .This is a scene from Lowell very close to my studio . email me if you are interested   

Friday, January 09, 2015

Light on the porch

Miniature 2,5x3,5, Casein paint  on board
©2015 Nita Leger Casey
   Monday I was all exited to go to my studio and trying to get back in the routine by doing a painting of the sketch  I posted last week, well the painting didn't come the way I wanted, not all lost but still working on it . Then the weather got very cold snow etc... so i am home working on miniature paintings, this is my neighbors house from our TV room, I love the way the light hits the snow at night .
if you are a collector of miniatures , email me

Friday, January 02, 2015

Sketch of a Lowell Mill

 Sketch ©2015 Nita Leger Casey
Happy New Year to all my followers! may you all have a great year!

This sketch is in preparation to a possible painting ,I need to decide what medium I should do it with, loving most of them sometimes it gets to be a challenge for me to make that big decision. I know they have been painted by many artists before me and many will after me, if you love architecture  this is the place! Lowell has a lot of Mills, it make the town very Historical  and a destination for summer visitors, all these Mills have been converted into apartments,businesses  and studios. if you ever one to visit one come and visit me at my studio at Western Avenue .