Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Needing love
Blogging from Maine, I am here for two weeks with my friends painting day and night, This is the first time i get a chance to get connected to the Internet, this is a remote area, thanks to the local Lubec Library for the use of WIFI. We also have an exhibit here .this is my first oil here of this lonely house , I am always fascinated with them and this is place to find them.
this is a 8x10 oil on paper canvas. I will be away from my email for awhile , so if you are interested, please wait to contact me in two weeks.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My Hopper
I finely made it to the MFA to see the Edward Hopper show , what a treat !
Some years ago when I started painting lonely houses in Maine ,many people would say to me , Oh, it looks like a Hopper , I had seen a few at different Museums and I did like them, especially
House by the railroad , at the time I had I found a house in Maine just like that, and did a oil . A few years later I picked up a book here and there and found again many houses that I had come across and did paintings of it .I realised he was traveling the same back roads of New England .
70 years earlier. Anyway it was a trill to see a collection come all together of many works ,I had never seen before .
The show runs for three more weeks . I think ! it will go to Chicago later.
This is a large painting of a house in Maine 18x24 , it will go to our show in Lubec .

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maine Cottage
I must finish a commission before I go on my painting journey, so this is short.
Oil on canvas 11x14 , email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net
all my work is original and copyrighted.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cutler fishing shack

Today I had to take a show down , all paintings went back in the bags for another trip , most painting travel before they find a home , to someone who will appreciated them.
I will be painting in this village next week , Cutler ,Maine
Here is an Oil 11x14 framed with a beautiful Plein air frame. email if interested

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Low tide in Maine
In a few days I will be going to my two weeks retreat in Maine , I can't wait to be there and paint with all my friends.
this is a 3x5 oil on board framed with a gold frame , $100.00
email if interested nlcasey@charter.net

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Fells Rock garden

Two days of plein air in the mountains of New Hampshire, 300 miles of driving ,and four painting done ,one sold. Came home very tired , but happy.
oil 10x20 $675.00

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lake Sunapee from the Fells garden
Had a wonderful day of painting along with 22 other artist, the weather was perfect, too many scenes to do , but one must focus , at the end we all find our little spot to settle and create , I did two today ,tomorrow is another day where it will end with a wet canvas sale .
8x10 oil for sale at the show $475.00 part of the sale will go to the garden
Week end at the Fells garden on lake Sunapee

Friday, July 20, 2007

Temple, NH New England Glassworks {1780}
I have been working in a commission , of a vision of a place that does not exist anymore with no reference photos, only rubles of a stone foundation. The history goes told by Kevin Gendron, who has researched this with an extreme passion and recreated the scene for me to paint ,he is a collector of glass from the past.
Robert Hewes' established a glass works on the side of Kidder Mountain in Temple , NH during the spring of 1780 for the production of crown window glass, chemistry wares, bottles and other utilitarian hollow ware. Works burnt shortly after , then rebuilt and operated for only one batch when the furnace collapsed. The furnace was rebuilt in summer of 1781 after which production resumed until Hewes' moved to Boston sometime in 1782 , later became known as Boston Crown glass Co.
This was a challenge that I enjoyed working on , also made Kevin happy to add this painting to his collection.
16x20 oil Sold
this work is original and copyrighted and may not be copied without permission

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Campobello FDR retreat
I took a ride with my friend Sue to the New Hampshire mountains to pick some of our paintings after a show ended thinking we will paint on our way back. I wish I could say we did get to paint , No ,it rained all day! so we visited at a new gallery in New London and had lunch, what a beautiful town .
No time to paint my daily , but I always have a back up, this watercolor is of
of a Historic house where the President FDR and family vacationed on the island in Canada . This week end I will paint at a house on the same style The Fells, but on Lake Sunnapee NH the President had been there at this house also. In the old days it took them days to get to these remote places, I feel lucky to be able to paint at all of them.
9x12 watercolor original painted on location,copyrighted.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Fells Garden
I will be painting at this garden for two days this weekend, hope the weather will cooperate.
this oil painting was done last year on location, they will be Plein air artist painting all over these beautiful gardens with a lovely reception at the end , the art work will be for sale .
location is the Historic estate & garden on Lake Sunapee www.thefells.org
16x20 oil with golf frame $ 850.00 email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Carrabassett river

Back from my week end of relaxation, In my way home I must of imagined a dozen paintings while driving , the sky was beautiful, flowers were in abundances everywhere , the landscape of the hills and distant mountains was perfect , it was hard concentrating in the actual driving .
Here is a pastel 5x7 painted on location , email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A simple day Lily

In Maine relaxing , very unusual for me ! just spending quality time and taking care of the dogs who are at my side all the time, also enjoying my kayak .I did do a small very simple watercolor of a day lily .

5x5 watercolor email if interested mailto:interestednlcasey@charter.net

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Secret cottage

Posting early today, I am on my way to paint in Maine. This is a cottage I have painted a few times with different moods, My friend and I found this lovely cottage one day, and another artist friend wanted to know where it was , but we kept it secret for many years , she would search for it for a few summer so it got to be joke between all of us to be the secret cottage .
This is a 8x10 watercolor Sold email me if you know where it is ?
If you want your cottage painted ,email me nlcasey@charter.net

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Blue door

My friend Margrit came up from the Cape today , we had a nice visit and talked about art, something we have shared for the last 25 years, she is also a wonderful watercolor artist.
I am also working on a few commissions , I have little time for my small daily painting , so today I will post a large watercolor painting I have in my collection , of this famous Blue door at the Music school in Lubec, Maine. people come from all over the country to attend the Summer Keys program at the same time we have our artists retreat.
22x28 watercolor matted and framed, email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Victorian house in Maine

Why do I feel the summer is going to be gone before I know it , I don't seem to have time to relax and enjoy the long days , this week end I will be painting a two days paint out in the hills of New Hampshire at a Garden called The Fells in the town of Newbury, after I will be going for two weeks on the tip of the coast of Maine on a painting marathon , try to paint as much as possible, all this means a lot of driving. But that is the life of an artist!
This is painting of a old house I found in Maine I used my artistic licence with the landscape.
11x14 painted on a stretched Russian linen email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net
All my work is original and copyrighted

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cottage on the Bay of Fundy Sold

I am posting this painting between storms , I had to shut down my computers a few times today.
I worked in the gallery most of the day , just to put a lot of things back together after a week of children around, separating paintings for different shows ,framing etc... just a regular day of work as an artist . If painting was the only thing we had to do ,it would be great!
I painted this scene on location on a very hot day last year,
Oil, 9x12 $ 175.00 ,email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net Sold

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tide Mill, pastel sunset My life should go back to normal after ten days of travelling , company, baby setting ,cooking ,
parade, concerts ,fire works, and not much painting. I have to get caught up with my work ,it will be another challenge, some commissions are also waiting for me. Oh well !I am sure we are all in the same boat .
Pastel on board 5x7 $100.00 Paypal is available , buy original!

Friday, July 06, 2007

American girl
One more days for the 4Th of July week end ,tomorrow the parade,marching band antique cars floats and more will go by my house on Main street, always a big event in our town ,an all day affair with afternoon barbecue , concert, fire works etc...
My pick of this painting is appropriate for our big day in Pepperell tomorrow.
Oil , 18x24 $1200. email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net
all my work is original and copyrighted

Thursday, July 05, 2007

One of many ponds in Maine

Late posting after cooking all day for the family picnic, this is one of my favorite place to be in a hot summer day. All my work is original and copyrighted
Pastel on board 3x5 $100.00 email if interested, nlcasey@charter.net

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4 th of July

Happy fourth of July to all !
Watercolor 16x20 matted and framed , email me if interested nlcasey@charter.net

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunset at Tide Mill farmThis is an acrylic painting on paper , it has the affect of a watercolor, done on location one evening at our summer art retreat in Down East Maine.
8x10 acrylic on paper. $100.00 email me nlcasey@charter.net
all my work is original and copyrighted

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sketch from the pond

It was late and was thinking of our contest so I quickly went out and sketch this view from our pond. being busy with family this was a challenge for time.
watercolor sketch 8x10.