Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Second time around "
miniature watercolor aceo 2,5x3,5
Nita Leger Casey sold

I am still exited about my new series of dress shop, found a little time to do one tonight , after I cooked and baked all day !
I also took Tim to have a cataract operation this morning , things have come a long way , he was the first one in this morning and was out by 9AM , he rested all day ,tomorrow they will removed the patch and hopefully he will see again !
email me if you are interested in this little painting , great way to start a collection!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Newburry Street high fashion "
Miniature ACEO watercolor 2,5x3,5 (c)2010

Nita Leger Casey

I think we are watching a rerun of the flood in New England ,it has rained for the past two days , and the rivers are rising! but the good news Easter should be a perfect week end , I am looking forward as my entire family will be here for the Holidays , when they are all here we are now 15 at the table, lots of cooking ahead ! all have their favorites on request .
I am lucky I had time to paint this little one today . If you are a collector of miniatures or ACEO , email me

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Organic fashion , miniature aceo 2,5x3,5 watercolor (c) 2010
Nita Leger Casey sold
Only time for a miniature today, Getting ready for all my children coming for the holidays , first set coming tonight from South Carolina , the others on Thursday from Maryland , will have a full house and I am sure my studio will be taking over .
I did make time to go to an art opening today in Rockport a fellow Daily painter Todd Bonita was having a one person show , beautiful work! also ran in to Stapelton Kearns who also came to the opening and was going to paint after , I wish I had the time to go paint myself , but needed to get back to get some baking done before kids arrived .
I probably will be painting minis while my company is here ,I don't want to loose the mood of my boutique windows . This miniature is available at a very reasonable price , this is an original painting , email me

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nanette's dress, (c) 2010 original watercolor 5x7
Nita Leger Casey
Here is number three boutique from the Newburry Street series, I have a few more in mind .
I painted this while having a terrible tooth ache , I can't believe I manage to finish it in time to post it, decided to see the dentist to find out he is in vacation another dentist from the next town took me in, gave me some pain killer until I see my regular dentist , he couldn't see anything with one X ray .Next week will be very busy for me , the week before Easter and all the kids and grandchildren are coming !
one of the boutique is on hold for a collector , hoping someone else will like these , email me

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dress shop on Newbury street, watercolor 5x7 (c) 2010
Nita Leger Casey Sold
Here is my # 2 dress shop , fun to paint ! wish I was young again to wear these cute dresses , I love dresses , and use to wear lots of them , now our way of life is so casual , I miss it ! Some of my friends think I still dress nice but I really don't not Like I use to . When I went to Quebec last year for the first time that is where people still dress nice just to come to an art show . I think they have kept a nice tradition .
I am posting early today ,taking Tim out for his Birthday , we are off to a Brazilian restaurant !
Email me if you are interested on this painting

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Dress , watercolor 5x7 (c) 2010
Nita Leger Casey Sold
Last week while on Newbury Street , I went to see some of my favorite Galleries , I also visited the many small dress shops and boutiques along this great Street in downtown Boston , this street are all Brown Stone shops and residence, if you visit Boston , this street is a must !
my camera on hand everywhere I go , I was fortunate to get a few good dress shop , here is my first one .
I have done them in the past I always enjoy the challenge , all my dress shops are real and are mostly from New England boutiques .if you are a collector and want to add to it , email me

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Spring Plein air , Willard Brook . pastel 11x14 still in progress !
Nita Leger Casey
A wonderful Spring week end it was! for New England that is , because it was snowing in Texas.
Yesterday I cleaned the yard and the chicken coop , later in the afternoon Tim and i went to a chicken farm in Ashby to get some new Hens ,I had missed my chickens over the winter I needed a new batch , on the way there I found this beautiful scene with a brook , told Tim I am coming back to paint this scene , we took three hens , all different types ,stopped for ice cream and got them settled in their new homes , the neighbors came over to greet them ,they also have chickens and they spend a lot of time in my yard also , just a big family here !
So today after breakfast I decided to go back to this nice spot ,while I was painting i saw the farmer
and in the process i decided to get two more hens , I figured it was best to get five now , because it is so hard to introduced new ones at a later date , so I now have five new girls all different colors , i am sure i will paint them !
this painting still needs some work ,but decided to post it anyway .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think Spring , miniature 3x3 watercolor (C) 2010
Nita Leger Casey.
The last few days have been pretty hectic for us , the basement got flooded ,lots of vet vac work . the town had a lot of roads close all this from this winter rain storm that hit the North East , the Nashua river goes trough our town and it went way over .
Tomorrow I will be in Boston all day , hope to visit a few galleries .
Thinking Spring is what I want now and actually today it did feel like it .
very affordable miniature email me

Monday, March 15, 2010

On a Sunny day in Portsmouth , watercolor 9x12 (C)
Nita Leger Casey
I only wish it was a sunny day today , it has rained for the last three days , my basement has water ,I must use the wet vac every hour to keep it up , so yes, a sunny day would be nice !
I am really looking for home for this painting , If you are from this area and visit the town of Portsmouth New Hampshire and you go to the coffee shop across the street from the big white church , you would relate to this scene , it's a very popular place !
email me

Thursday, March 11, 2010

" the notice " watercolor 10x7 (C)2010
Nita Leger Casey
The area has buckets in all the maple trees , next year I am tapping mine , I need to buy some buckets , I have beautiful maple trees , actually a local person has tapped them before, I know it takes a lot of sap for the little syrup you will get .
I don't know where this week has gone Friday already and I was not that productive this week , again a lot of driving !
this painting is available , email me ,

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Parker's maple sugar, miniature watercolor (C)2010
Nita Leger Casey sold
It has been a few days since I posted , the good weather arrived and I got distracted , also comes the many chores of cleaning after winter , when the snow melts , it's not pretty out there , lots of work in the yard . Yesterday my friend Margrit came up from the Cape , I was very happy to see her , so we celebrated with a quick trip to Mason NH to Parker's maple house , it used to be one of our favorites years ago to make the trip and take pictures of all the buckets on the trees , it must be a good year , they was hundred of buckets everywhere ,we also had a wonderful lunch there , lots of things made with maple syrup .
This is a true New England experience .
the miniature is available , just email me

Thursday, March 04, 2010

"The three boats" watercolor 6x8 (C) 2010
Nita Leger Casey
Gloucester harbor is really a great place to see working fishing boats along pleasure boats , boats are always a challenge to do for most artists , so many things on them , only fisherman knows.
I took this photo last Spring , it was like papa ,mama, and baby .
The days are getting longer , the weather is also nicer , in the 50's for this week end , i would say Spring is getting closer!
If you are a collector of watercolors , and of boats , here is your chance to buy an original that will retained it's value . email me

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Motif #1 , 5x7 watercolor(C) 2010
Nita Leger Casey
I have visited this town of Rockport for thirty years and said I would never paint the most painted scene in America , lesson#1 never say never ! I was on the mood for boats , if the friend I used to paint with gets to see this she will laugh. this painting does look like a post card ! and again if you have visited the town you can relate to it . The best of American artists have painted this scene also . I should feel fortunate to live in this beautiful New England State of Massachusetts .
if you are interested email me

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Winterland " miniature oil (c) 2010
Nita Leger Casey Sold
Spring day one day and tomorrow winter land again , it sure was nice today in New England , so I don't feel so bad even if it snows it will melt fast so we can get on with Spring cleaning the yard .
I painted this mini a few days ago with the intention to paint this scene in a larger format with a different color palette , the only trouble my time is limited to paint these days , doing a lot of driving to different appointments for Tim. if you are interested in this little gem email me