Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Degas style

My daughter in Pastel , 8x10 . copyrighted 2010, Nita Leger Casey
This past month I have gone twice to the Degas show at the Boston Museum of Fine arts, Yesterday my friends and I went again before the show closes. Degas painted in Pastels a lot and always painted his woman's from the back , so I challenged my artist friends to do a painting Degas style, I did one first to start the challenge ,this was done  from a photo of the back of the head of my daughter, I used pastels and many of his color palette, this is the result !
Challenge yourself, it's always fun !

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Frozen Heald pond

Pastel 5x7 copyrighted 2012
Nita Leger Casey
I took a 12 mile trip around town today, just to find the perfect spot to paint , the weather was  so beautiful for a January day, most snow is gone, the sun was shinning in the 50's , I am sure we will get so snow at some point, but for now we love it ! I passed the pond and saw those long shadows ,I knew that is what I wanted to paint, so the pastels came out, I have not used them for awhile, I have been painting watercolors.
This pastel is available just email me nlcasey@charter.net

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The pink house

Watercolor 5x7  copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey
Just a view into my world ! I love old houses as you must see in my work if you have been following me for awhile they are my favorite subject, they have character I cannot described,  I see one a mile away I will stop my car in a dime just to take this special photo, I feel sorry for the person behind me, they honk the horn give me the finger and so on, but I don't care I want to capture the moment, I should have a sign, I brake for old houses! this one is in Lowell the series I am working on now.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Wayfarer

Watercolor 5x7, copyrighted 2012
Nita Leger Casey
Went to the studio and had a good working day, planed a medium size painting ,the drawing is done, it will be for my show in November. I cleaned the Loading dock gallery, it was my turn for the duty, that place is big, got my exercise  doing that, went back upstairs and painted this scene, it was on my list for sometimes, i love those little store fronts of restaurants on the coast of Maine , this one I think was close to Kennebunkport.
It is available, just email me if you are interested, nlcasey@charter.net.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

St Anne in Winter

oil on board , 6x6 ,Nita Leger Casey copyrighted 2011
A painting that needs a home,  a small church on the coast of Maine with lots of history  in Kennebunkport , many people have been married in this little church , frequently visited by the Bush family . emailed me if you are interested nlcasey@charter.net

Thursday, January 19, 2012

View from the Mill

A Lowell view ,watercolor 6x8 copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey
This is a scene I painted last year from the stairwell at our Mill where I have my studio , from many of windows I have a wonderful views of the city and this is my project this year to paint many different scene from this city with a lot of history and character .I will have a show at the Loading dock gallery in November .
Today was taking with Dr's appointment and visiting a few friends ,it did not give me any time to paint, but this scene will give you an idea what I will be  painting for my show .this painting is for sale ,Email me if you are interested nlcasey@charter.net    

Monday, January 16, 2012

Drawing and David's bird feeder.

 Drawing for future painting
 David's bird feeder ,watercolor 6x6 copyrighted 2012 Nita Leger Casey

Today I went to the studio all exited because I wanted to paint a  large scene, I had it all drawn out the day before, so I was ready to go with the paint, I wet the paper, big mistake it was a bad sheet of paper probably was not sized  right, the water went right through, color bleeding all over, it was like a sponge, I was so mad I had spent all the time for nothing second time this has happened to me and always when you are working on a big sheet, decided not to get upset and painted something totally different and cheerful, I will pursue the street scene again with the right paper.
My brother-in-law made this bird house for me after I drew a simple plan for him , it came out so nice and my birds love it and the food stays dry .  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Sweetheart cottage

6x6 oil on board,copyrighted 2012
Nita Leger Casey
After not painting in oil for a couple months, I had the urge! I had taking  a photo of this cute cottage somewhere on the coast of Massachusetts, what better time to paint this in a snowy day, it's one of these small place that are closed for the winter, but you can still imagine the fun a family would have there .I just loved the heart on top !
email me nlcasey@charter.net if you are interested in this one, a cute present for Valentine , it needs to dry for a few days .

Friday, January 06, 2012

4 th floor Salon

Watercolor by Nita Leger Casey    Sold

5x7 watercolor copyrighted 2012
I was gallery sitting today at the Loading dock art gallery and decided to work in a interior ,something I don't paint often.
This is a salon we have at the end of the hallway at our mill and every time I pass by I am always intrigued by the strong light that comes in, it has been decorated with very artsy details of different artist in our floor , my goals was to capture the light and I think I did that !
We just had a wonderful opening of a new show tonight and tomorrow we have open studio .

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

miniature sketch

Christian Science center in Boston,copyrighted 2012 Nita Leger Casey

I went to Boston today,  planning to go take some photos, with the temperature dipping to a low 7 this morning  it was a bit cold so I ended up going to the Boston Museum of Fine art to see the "Degas and the nude " the show is nearing the end ,so this was a prefect time ! a wonderful show, the Museum is so large now with the new addition  I got lost a few times .It was really interesting to see  a large body of work in one subject , many were sketches, I purchased the book with a 20% discount because it will close soon ,so that was good .
Before getting to the Museum while driving the Christian Science center caught my eye with the great light at the time,taking a few snapshots from the car, I later painted this miniature ,thinking it might be a larger one in the future.   

Sunday, January 01, 2012

First painting for 2012

Barn in Jaffrey, watercolor copyrighted 2012 6x6
After a wonderful two weeks of Holidays, kids family and colds, today Tim and I decided to go for a drive and get some fresh air. I really wanted to paint something today being the first of 2012. The weather was incredible 50 degree for  Massachusetts on New Years day , awesome! so here is my first painting of the year a nice New England barn .
I also want to wish everyone who follows my blog a wonderful New year and good health!and thank you for giving support ,comments etc... ,Happy 2012