Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sky scape #3

My yard is taking over my life , I am sure I am not the only one , it's this time of year ! The mulch the planting, trimming ,cutting ,flowers boxes. Living on Main Street I have a duty to keep the place on top shape , every bone in my body is hurting right now! Oh well that's life.
I have continued my little series of sky scape , they are actually fun to do.
5x7 with a nice acid free white matt ,would look great in a 8x10 frame . $100.00 email me if interested

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pastel Landscape #2

This pastel was done at the same location of the previous day , I just turned my easel the other way.
I was recently accepted at the Pastel Society of NH, for the New England juried show . opening is Friday

Pastel Society of New Hampshire 2007 Exhibitions
New England Juried Show: IT'S PASTEL !!!!!
June 1 - July 17, 2007
Red Roof Gallery, Enfield, NH
If you are in the area ,be sure to visit the show!
Pastel, 5x7 matted and framed 8x10 ,$ 120.00, email if interested

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pastel landscape #1
Busy with yard work, and not much time to paint , but here is a pastel of a march scene in Maine .
I am also busy getting a show together in Hollis , NH "At the Framed Shop Gallery at Post office Green "
5x7 pastel on board, $120.00 framed , email if interested

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Honor the Veterans on Memorial day
This week end is to honor our fallen Veterans,
I have great respect for this special day, thank you!
The weather has been perfect in this part of the country , tomorrow the parade will go by, living on Main street , it's always a treat to see.
Oil on watercolor paper 4x5 . priceless!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Maine sky #2

Enjoying my stay in Maine, just relaxing and doing my daily painting.
Pastel 5x7 $100.00 email me if interested

Friday, May 25, 2007

Maine sky

In Maine for a few days, I love this State! every time I come here I feel like I am home , Even though I was born and raised in France of course I have been coming here for twenty five years , maybe that's the reason ! well this was a warm day today over 90 o degree today .
I worked this pastel from a photo of the many skies I get here at the cabin.I stayed in because , one thing the bugs are out and they are mean!
5x7 pastel matted to an 8x10 $100.00 email if interested

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lonely house on the coast of Maine
When you drive on the coast of Maine ,you will find many of these lonely houses , I am always attracted to them and wondered the past history, who lives in them .This is one of them, had me stopped dead on my tracks to capture the light.
oil, 16x20 painted on linen. $800.00 email

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blue bird and violets
Cleaning my garden that is full of violets , they are very pretty but they are a weed in the garden.
I have this blue tea pot who comes to be perfect for still life ,I really wanted to start a commission that is due soon but got carried away with the violets.
6x6 watercolor matted to be 8x8 $100.00 , email if interested.

Spring flowers still life

Well, the garden has taking my time after a week of rain, it needed attention. I have brought back this rooster from my mother's house in France and always wanted to do a still life with it , so here it is.
Pastel 16x20 framed with a gold frame $ 675.00 email if interested

Saturday, May 19, 2007

House Portrait # 2

Another example of a House Portrait , of a beautiful new Coastal Home in Maine .
They are keepsake from the Antique house to the new ones .
This was a large watercolor 22x30 sold
Your home is your Castle. email me if you are interested

Friday, May 18, 2007

House Portrait

The weather has been bad for artists this past week , I really want to capture some spring scenes before the flowers goes away, but no luck this week .

I am posting an example of a house portrait of a Victorian house , it was done from an old family picture with an updated look, the grand daughter wanted to have the house done for childhood memories. and this is why I enjoy doing house portraits , because it brings joy to people.
Email me for more details
House portrait watercolor 16x20 Sold

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gone fishing ! While visiting my brother last week , I came upon this scene just around the corner from his house , this retired man looked so cute and relaxed fishing , father's day is coming soon and a lot of fathers probably would like to go fishing .
Oil 6x6 on canvas , $100.00 email if interested
All my work is original and copyrighted,
The old brick house in pastel

Late with my post , too many storms last night to be on the computer. Here is another example of a house portrait done in pastel ,if you are thinking of a house portrait email me for more details, H.Portraits in watercolor start at $275.00
Brick house 16x20 pastel $ 500.00

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The blue door

With Spring here and summer around the corner , your garden looks beautiful and you want to keep the memory of your house and it's beauty or surprised your wife or husband . I specialised on house Portraits , don't be afraid to call me for more details or email me
16x20 Oil painting of a summer cottage with a blue door.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Crab apple blossom

In my walk this morning ,I picked these blossoms ,all the trees are in bloom in this area , we are a bit late from the rest of the country , but this is New England !
Watercolor 8x10 matted 11x14 $100.00 Pay Pal accepted , Buy original art
all my work is originals and copyrighted and not to be copied.
apple trees in bloom

Had a wonderful Mother's day, and took the day off. but here is a large pastel painting ,from the beautiful orchard in Hollis, NH
This pastel is 26x30 white matt and gold frame, $1200, email if interested

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Chateau de Sully
It is taking me time to get back to my routine after my trip. Today I did paint my Daily Painting of this castle, located very near to where I grew up , actually castles are everywhere, when you live in the Loire Valley! I really didn't like them because we would visit them so often with school trips , family outings etc.. it got to be boring and they would smell , of course I didn't realised I was so lucky, as a child you never appreciate the things that are around you. This particular castle is next to the bridge that crosses the Loire river in the town of Sully . One of my relatives used to work there as a care taker and lived in the front tower .
Chateau de Sully , oil 6x6 $100 , Email if interested,

Friday, May 11, 2007

French wild spring flowers
When I was a child I would always pick these wild flowers on the side of the road, and still do today, To all the mothers , Happy Mother's day, this is my first year since my Mom passed away last year at age 100.
Watercolor 9x12 of French wild flowers.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hotel Parc Saint- Severin

Our last night in Paris was at this quint Hotel in the "Quartier Latin" A place I try to visit every year, close to a lot of fun things to do and see , perfect area for an Artist to stay!
This is just a sketch of the " Chambre 11" watercolor, 8x10
These sketches will hopefully become better paintings , so keep watching! and buy original art .
Ten days flew by, I was happy to see the family but most of all was happy to go to the Orleans Museum , It is actually where I went to school over 40 years ago. The Museum has a wonderful collection for a city that size. The town was getting ready for the Joan of Arc festivities on May 8Th. , all the flags and flowers were everywhere, beautiful city if anyone has the chance to visit France, with lots of history witch I took for granted growing up. I have posted a few photos on the right.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

View from our room in Barbizon
Just got in from France , too tired for details , will do later... lots of stories to tell!
this is a watercolor sketch 8x10 Barbizon rooftops

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rue des ruettes
Voting day in France today, so I took the time to escape to go painting while the family is out , also went to an antique market, a bit cool this morning!
We are eating way too much! tomorrow we are on our own , so I hope to paint more.
Sketch from France 8x10 watercolor.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

les Roses a Claudine
I am not painting as much as I want because of too many family gattering, and big dinners . I did take a lot of pictures , I really want to paint so bad , but my family have so many plans for me. in a few days I will be more free and hope to escape.
so for now here is a small watercolor of roses. 8x10 .sold

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chambon la foret
My first sketch from France,I had a little trouble with lap top at first , but here it is , the weather is beautiful and much more advanced than New England. We are staying in a very old farmhouse with relatives.
Watercolor sketch 8x10 not for sale at this time.