Saturday, May 25, 2013


watercolor 8x8
©2013,Nita Leger Casey
This is my # 1300 post
We went to Maine for the week and did not get to paint due to the really bad weather and doing other small things around the cabin that took time from my painting, anyway today I couldn't stand it anymore it was raining still and decided oh well I will paint the dog!  It felt so good to paint again! if you like this painting email me

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A touch of Spring in the woods.

Nita Leger Casey
Love the wild little flowers that comes up in the Spring, like violets and these blue ones not sure of the name ? it's a bit of magic every year! my friend's yard was covered with them. This was a plein air painting.
This pastel is available, just email me if you are interested ,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Single house anyone?

6x6 pastel © 2013
Nita Leger Casey
What a beautiful day today,perfect to paint this scene, a single family home for  happy birds ,not sure what type goes in but looks homey ! I love Spring except for the pollen who is giving me problems, never had it before  last year, i guess when you get old you get everything, not good! email me if you are interested

Monday, May 13, 2013

Red poppies

miniature series sold
acrylic on board © 2013
Nita Leger Casey
I came upon this scene a few years ago where the sun was shining on this barn and  the red poppies , I just wanted to paint it right then but on the side of the road was not possible, but thought to myself I will some day, so it took a while, I have many scenes like this that keeps coming back to me but sometimes just no time , I sometimes think I need a couple lives to achieve all the things I want to paint. With the good weather the yard keeps calling my name as well! 
at least my cold is better!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Miniature series  sold
Nita Leger Casey
I had a wonderful trip to Maryland  and nice visit with my children and grandchildren and watched a lot of baseball games, one grandson had two home run in one game, so I wanted to paint this for him . the one thing I came back with is a bad  case of bronchitis that has me tired, and the pollen in full bloom is not helping .Hopefully my life will get back to normal soon!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Spring at Pemaquid

miniature series  sold
(C) 2013
Nita Leger Casey
At the end of the month my friends and I are painting at this lighthouse ,I think my fifth year painting there with the Pastel painters of Maine. Will be in Maryland for a few days to see my grand son make his first communion and also watch lots of baseball games from two grandsons,hope to get a little painting done as well ! if you are interested on some miniature like this one email me