Friday, January 15, 2010

"Out of my window" watercolor mini 2,5x3,5 (C)
Nita Leger Casey
Came back from my morning walk , to see this sky come up while having my coffee , I couldn't resit the scene. When my friend and I walk in the morning it is still dark at 6AM , my daughter-in-law gave me a light to have on my head just like the coal minors , it's funny but it really helps to see where you are going and with the dogs , so when we get back the day light is just coming up .Today it was not so cold , we are suppose to have a few warm days before we get blasted again! I still like winter with all it's beauty ,I would rather be cold than hot and humid and miserable !
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Werner said...

Toll, sehr schön.

Viele Grüße Werner