Monday, January 18, 2010

The summer cottage , miniature (c) 2010 Watercolor
Nita Leger Casey
We just woke up to a beautiful snow covered beautiful landscape this morning , but it was a messy clean up that took a lot of my day ,I did managed to paint a mini , that was between taking pictures of the birds I feed, they looked so pretty in the snow ,I have a feeder next to my kitchen windows, they are so much fun to watch and observe ,I had nine doves at one time , lots of chickadees and titmouse .
This cottage is somewhere in the North Shore of Massachusetts in the edge of a sea inlet , I took a photo of it because of the red door ,I have a thing with red doors .
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Vee said...

And you just whipped that up did you between cleaning the snow away and bird watching? :D Pretty amazing, I'd say!