Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Hollis barn " (c)2010 miniature oil on canvas board ,
Nita Leger Casey
A beautiful winter sunny day today, started my day with the usual walk at 6AM, still very dark at that hour , but my daughter -in-law gave me one of those lights you put on your head , they are great! especially now that we have ice on the sidewalk , it melts during the day and freeze at night, Clancy is pretty good he knows not to pull at that time .
Now as for today , if I was a male artist I would of gone painting out in the snow all day , but as the women I have to clean, do laundry,walk the dog shop for food cook ,post office run etc... and then I squeeze a painting, well today I was a bit mad about that, just not fair! At least on my way to the store I took a picture of this barn in the next town , of course over the years I have taken dozens of photos of that same barn ,but it always look different . In 10 days i will be at snow camp for three days and will be painting with no interruption .
As previous this a miniature that come well presented .email me if you are interested.

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Roxanne Steed said...

Man oh man, do I ever know what you mean!! Glad you got painting time in anyways. But I'm with you.....I'd rather be outside in the sun painting somewhere outside!!