Sunday, January 24, 2010

" Still life party" oil on board 6x8 (c) 2010 ,
Nita Leger Casey
Our breakfast artists club got together today for a still life party , our host Carolyn set up some still life around the house of flowers , fruits ,beautiful vases, then the ten of us had fun painting them , not one painting was the same , everyone created their own style to it , it was a great way to beat the Sunday blues , a little wine some goodies and good company ,what more could you ask ! I managed to do two of them the other one is a watercolor but needs more details .
email me if you are interested in the one .


Vee said...

That does sound like great fun and makes me wish I were an artist. ☺

Margaret Bednar said...

Love your rendering of the flowers and oranges - full of color and beautiful brush strokes.