Monday, January 04, 2010

Owls Head 2, watercolor Miniature (c)2010
Nita Leger Casey
The studio is back to a working space , decorations put away , started on commissions this afternoon I am working on 10 miniatures for a collector all oils , I must say it felt good to work in oil again after two months only working in watercolor , I really love all the medium equally somewhat of a curse !
This miniature is from my last trip to the Maine cost just before Christmas .
email me if you are interested .

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Vee said...

Hi there! Lovely painting of Owl's Head. I've only seen it in the summertime. Must show my daughter who also loves to paint and who adores Owl's Head.

Looked about for a way to contact you "behind the scenes," but I'd love to feature your blog and your work on my blog. Feel free to look around and see if it's something you'd allow me to do. Your work is wonderful and sings "New England" so very well.