Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stream in Mason NH

oil on paper 6x8
©2014 Nita Leger Casey
My friends and I went on a little field trip today in NH. It was a cold and sunny day, We had a nice lunch at Parker's barn and later made a few stops along the way to take photos , this was a nice stream with  rushing  Spring water ,I decided after supper to paint this with oil on  a new paper Arches put out, kind of like it!  almost like a watercolor.
email me if you are interested in this painting  

Friday, April 11, 2014

A special girl !

watercolor 6x8
I called her special because she was the best looking of the herd, she even looks like she has  black eyelashes on, my friend Denise and I were coming back from our Art breakfast club meeting and decided to take the back roads when we came upon her eating lunch, just too cute to pass! this watercolor is 6x8 will look great in a 9x12 mat , she is available for $75.00 with mat , email me if you are interested

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Organic beauty

Watercolor 6x8
After working on two different  major projects for the pass month, I am back with some fun subjects to paint, I love animals and cows are one of them, growing up in France I was exposed to the country life every summer when my mother would sent me to my older sister's house who lived in a village full of farms, my job was to go get the fresh milk before breakfast from the farm next door, it was still warm by the time I got back at the breakfast table, and now I still spend part of my summers on farms in Maine where I paint the beautiful landscape. This one is from  the Tide Mill organic farm in Maine, they now produce the MOO milk sold all over New England. email me if you are interested

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Finished House portrait

The young couple came to pick up there car top with the house painting on it and they loved it !
lots of emotions when she saw the finished painting of the house she grew up in, it brought back lots of memories! 
They now have a conversation piece of art in their house, always  a nice day when you make someone happy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not your ordinary house portrait

At one of my open studio a young couple came in with a request : If I would paint a house portrait on a Corvette hard top? not knowing what is was? I said that depends let me me see it, oh I have in the truck the young men reply, I said go get it then! after he came up to the 4 th floor with the car top, I said well never have done this but I will try my best, I always like a challenge. The story was they just had sold their parents house who had recently passed away and found the Dad's car hard top in the attic while cleaning the house for the sale, this will be a nice remembering of the house and the car. So here are some photos of the  project, Oh forgot to mention I also had to paint the car and the dog. They had provided many photos at different time.
The project is almost done , and the young couple will pick it up at next open studios  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frozen river

Oil on paper  6x8
Nita Leger Casey
Another scene from Vermont  done in oil this time, I have not painted in oils for awhile  but just felt the urge couple night ago, I was trying this new paper for oils  made by Arches, not bad !
I have been working on a commission that is very interesting , I think on my next post I will talk about it and post some photos , actually I have been working on two projects and both are unusual .
Spring is around the corner I think! I am anxious to start cleaning my yard but we have to wait awhile  they are talking snow for tomorrow again, I do love to paint snow!
 if anyone is interested in this this painting  let me know , $100.00 free shipping in US

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Vermont Sugar house

watercolor 6x8 ©2014
Tim and I have just spent a wonderful  couple days in Quechee to celebrate our Anniversary, a beautiful area  with lots of interesting scenery like barns ,covered bridges and lots of sugar maple farms, it is the season to tap the sugar from the maple trees you have a short window to do this, cold nights and warm days of course I love to see the buckets hanging from the trees but now in large farms they just use plastic tubing to be collected in large blue buckets, progress does not help my paintings! email me if you are interested in this watercolor .  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter condo

acrylic on board, 6x6  ©2014
Nita Leger Casey
Another small painting with a limited palette ,does work well with a winter scene. I know a lot of people don't like winter, but it sure create beautiful scenery like this frozen pond with a beaver house on it. Today I took a side road just to go by some farms and found about 20 cows sunbathing in the snow, they surely made my day I just love to see them .if you are interested in this painting ,just give me an email  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter stream

6x6 acrylic  ©2014
Nita Leger Casey
I just wanted to try a limited palette today with a scene out of my head, well these scenes of small steams with snow are actually everywhere right now, we have been covered with snow for months now, how could you miss them? I really was not in the mood to paint but forced myself to do something, after my daughter lost her beautiful dog today, from a virus and he was only 7years old.
We love these dogs and they break you heart when we loose them, painting was my escape today. Keeping my blog with new work has been a challenge lately, too many things to do, other projects and  daily chores getting in the way , hope to be more faithful to it !    

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flowers from Valentine

Watercolor 11x14
Knowing it was going to snow last Thursday I was prepared with a still life arrangement in my kitchen , I had bought the flowers for that reason ! sure enough it snowed all day and still snowing tonight two days later. It had been a longtime since I worked on a still life painting, I really used to do them all the time when I was painting for greeting cards, I felt a little rusty doing it, my style is so much looser now, I had to stop myself trying to fix it, during the process of painting this I realize I love my studio away from the house, too many distraction at the house. email inquiry

Monday, February 10, 2014

Somewhere in Maine

watercolor 5x7  mated and framed to 8x10
© Nita Leger Casey
I just love this little painting and really wish someone would give a small space, on a nice wall in their house for it to find a nice home, specially if you are a regular in Maine, like in the Kennebunkport area ,you might of gone to that shop .I always say most painting will find a collector, sometimes it just takes time, over the week end I sold one I had painted 10 years ago, the lady who bought it was very happy . This one is $150.00 framed, free shipping in the US .email me if you are interested ?

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Saving energy!

Watercolor 6x8
© Nita Leger Casey
When I was a child  in France we surely didn't have clothes dryer, actually never heard of them!   after visiting my family in recent years , to this day very few people use them. Electricity is very expensive and most people still hang the clothes out, the smell of clean laundry from the fresh air is so much better, funny how clothes dry even in a cold frosty day, you bring the clothes in stiff as a board ,a few minutes in the house they are fine .
Well this is a house I captured in my travels in a small town in NH .
The light was just right and the clothes just said it all, I painted this a while back and would like to find a home for this gem!
email me if you are interested ?

Monday, February 03, 2014

House portrait

©2014 Nita Leger Casey

This was a recent house portrait for a Realtor of a house in Massachusetts . In the old days I used to do a lot of them , but when the house market went down it seemed to go as well ! This week end I got asked to do another one so maybe it is coming back? I really like when the house has some character  or style, it is a nice keepsake for the family!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Garden gate

Watercolor 5x7 ©
Nita Leger Casey
Today Tim and I took a drive to the coast ,Portsmouth NH area about an hour from here ,it's a nice Sunday afternoon drive just to get out of the house, after having coffee in town , we drove along the coast with all the beautiful homes all closed up for winter . A few gears ago I had painted one of the house with the garden gate closed and remember that I would love to find a home for this one, email me
$100. matted and free shipping .      

Monday, January 20, 2014

The old Cadillac

1953 Cadillac
"I was loved once  "
original watercolor by Nita Leger Casey  
9x12 ©2014
My son was the owner of this old Cadi for awhile, it was a restoration project for him, but he had too many of them and decided it was best to let this one go, so now this old girl went to Florida, I had taken some photos of it and yesterday decided to paint it, I have a few of these old cars that I would like to do, I actually like the rust it gives it character just like an old person with wrinkles.
email me if interested

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The White Mountains sold

Casein paint on board
Nita Leger Casey
Living just about  over an hour away from these beautiful mountain scenes , it makes a nice Sunday drive ! this  is what Tim and I had done last year, the scenes had reminded me so much of the Aldro Hibbard paintings if you are from New England. This scene had to be done! the view is from a Covered bridge close to the town of Littleton . I really want to go back in the area to catch some nice winter scenes. this painting is available email me

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Frozen pond

©2013 Nita Leger Casey
 This is the season when you drive by frozen ponds just about  everywhere in New England ,a natural beauty and lots of fun for the kids who skate on them and the big boys who go ice fishing, but for me it's to see the sunlight coming through the trees ,I did this one last year.
Looking for a home now, it's matted and framed with an 8x10 dark wood frame. $150.00  , email me if you are interested .

Monday, January 06, 2014

Sunset on Main Street

watercolor 6x8
©2014 Nita Leger Casey
While I was making supper I looked out the window and saw this beautiful Sunset ,I  had to stop everything I was doing and grabbed my watercolor, I had to be quick! you know  a sunset does not last long, to even go faster I took an artistic licence to take the house out that was in my way.On the left it's an apple tree where many deer come to get the old apples .
this watercolor is available  email me

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Dove on a cold morning

6x6 watercolor
©2014 Nita Leger Casey
  Happy New year everyone! this is my first painting of the year, I woke this morning and a row of doves where on the railing just like this ,it was very cold in the teens but the sun was shining ,so I think they were sunbathing ,tomorrow they will be at the feeder eating like crazy ,snow is coming during the night and it looks like a big one!
I had a great week with all the family ,kids and grandchildren, it was wonderful to be all together , the only bad thing is we eat way too much!
So now back to painting and reorganized my gallery and studio .
Again wishing everyone a wonderful new year for 2014!
if interested on this painting email me

Friday, December 20, 2013

Morning sunrise #3

Watercolor 6x8
©2013 Nita Leger Casey
I came down stairs this morning and this was the view out of my  kitchen window, I took the liberty of doing away with some buildings and made it a peaceful winter scene . All this was done before my morning coffee, I love working like this with spontaneity , not planed just do it!
update : knee is doing good still not the full range I want but therapy is helping ,the one thing is not is the cold weather we had last week!
email if someone is interested