Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring on Newburry Street, watercolor 5x7 (c)2010
Nita Leger Casey
What a day today ! with 90 degree weather , went to Breakfast club this morning to meet my wonderful art friends, always so much to talk about . Later I had a few appointments ,one was to stop by the dentist and see if I could get a real appointment, he knows me so well and said come right in Nita and see what we are dealing with , well two hours later I came out with a root canal , he knows I only go there when I only have to , so he didn't want to let me go, I am happy he did ,at least the problem is sold of this tooth that gave me so much problem for two weeks , I just now have to pay the bill!
I managed to finish a spring scene from Newburry street , Spending time in town every week has me exited about this new watercolor series of Boston
,email me if you are interested

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Paula said...


I love this one. I wish I was sitting in one of thise chairs enjoying a cappucino!

Glad to hear you had that tooth taken care of. Enjoy the weekend. See you at B-Club>