Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter fields at sunset, (C) 2009 Nita Leger Casey
Miniature watercolor 2,5x3,5 Sold
A very cold day again , and waiting for the snow to come , my son in Maryland has 18 inches as of tonight . Everyone will have a nice white Christmas , it's nice when you are home , but feel bad for the ones who are traveling right now ,this was a scene from a few days ago , i tried to remember what it looked like , when you are driving and you say to yourself , I am going to paint this .these little ones give me an idea if i want to do a larger one. Collectors love the minis , they can have more paintings like this . email me if you are interested ,they are affordable .

1 comment:

Leslie Anne Pease said...

My goodness you are a busy painter!!! I love the drama in this painting. Palette is excellent with good use of compliments.