Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Le chateau de Chenonceaux , copyrighted 2009
watercolor 5x7 sold
I was raised in the Loire valley where all the Castles are located , I grew up visiting all of them a few times a year , if not with my family, it was the school trips for cultural exposure , I was not crazy about them then , they used to smell old and mildew, heavy wax, but when you are a kid you don't appreciate the beauty and history they all had , we had so many I was not that impressed , one of my uncle was even a Inn keeper of one , our first year of married life was a three room apartment in the second floor of one . We left France to come to the US ,and when I returned to France a few years later, they looked so different , and I fell in love again with the rich history and architecture of my own backyard . So When my children were small we visited the castles again and again also , this one was a favorite of them ,because they was an Animal zoo in the gardens .
If you are interested in My french series of painting ,email me nlcasey@charter.net

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Liza Hirst said...

This is a beauty, Nita! And I can very well relate to what you wrote - living here, where there is a castle around every second corner and friends even living in some of them, you tend to take them for granted. But then, every now and again, you become aware of the amazing history and beauty they bare and feel quite lucky to experience them as an every day feature! Your painting is wonderful!