Monday, January 26, 2009

Chambon-la-Foret ,copyrighted 2009 , Nita Leger Casey
Watercolor 6x8 sold
When I got up this morning to go walking it was -4 degree , a bit cold and decided to called it off and go later when the sun was up, but the temperature stay cold all day ,now they are talking more snow for Wednesday , in days like this , I have a hard time believing about global warming ! anyway I stayed in and painted this French scene , thinking about being there , this is from a small town where my nephew and family live , a very quaint village.


redchair said...

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John Harmon said...

You see why we relocated to the High Desert of Arizona? Shirt Sleeve Weather here,in the 70's. Viewed last night on TV the Movie of Van Gogh who was portrayed by Tim Roth who did an excellent job of it. Van Gogh was indeed mad.Enjoy your Art,a daily Journey into your world is a pleasure. JC