Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"La route de chabris "
Watercolor ,5x7 copyrighted 2009
Well, we had our day with the self portraits , It was actually fun to see everyone on Daily Painters .
I must say today was a dreary day , it snowed, iced, rain all day ,I just hope we don't get a repeat of the December storm during the night , the trees are full of ice again!
This is my work for today , a watercolor of French series I do ounce in awhile , this was the village next to my mother's house , my kids used to love to go there to the open market and the newspaper store , their Grand mother used to give them francs to buy candies , in the spring it has this wisteria all over , I should call it Wisteria lane .
Email me if you are interested, the watercolor is matted to an 8x10 acid free matt

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