Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chateau du Moulin , copyrighted 2009
Watercolor 6x8 sold
Another castle, this Medieval one is in the Sologne region where my family come from, it's a private castle , open to the public at times , this is the entrance from the moat, the main part has a lot of towers , beautiful architecture and beautiful grounds .
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Carrie said...

I'm an aspiring artist myself and often dabble in watercolors. It's so wonderful to see someone with so much skill in watercolor. I've been trained as an art teacher, and it isn't often people use watercolors anymore or that anyone is trained to use them properly. You have a certain skill with them that I admire.

Nita Leger Casey said...

Carrie ,Thank you for the comment, I had my own art school for 25 years, and art substitute teacher at our local high school for 12 years . you have chosen a wonderful career very rewarding , but lots of work . best advice is practice over and over and try all medium .Good luck !