Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Chateau de l'etang

pastel 9x12,copyrighted 2013
Nita Leger Casey
Snowing again! but I used the day to be productive and paint at the studios ,my friend Paula asked me to stayed and paint at her studio with Peggy ,it was a perfect day for the company! we talked while painting, I decided on this subject, the first house Tim and I lived at when we got married in France. Today was our anniversary, so I went down memory lane talking about living there in this small chateau ,this was the back of it ,the front was more elaborate ,and the landlord lived downstairs,we also had our first child there. During my last visit I stopped there,it is now an art center, it was converted like thirty years ago .

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Susan said...

How romantic to have lived in france when young and have your first child there. What a lovely chateau. My husband lived in a Villa in Vienna when he was a child.
Sweet painting.