Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The pink house

Watercolor 5x7  copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey
Just a view into my world ! I love old houses as you must see in my work if you have been following me for awhile they are my favorite subject, they have character I cannot described,  I see one a mile away I will stop my car in a dime just to take this special photo, I feel sorry for the person behind me, they honk the horn give me the finger and so on, but I don't care I want to capture the moment, I should have a sign, I brake for old houses! this one is in Lowell the series I am working on now.


Studio at the Farm said...

Nita, I love old houses, too. You did an exceptional job of painting this one!!

Vee said...

I wish that I dared to do what you do. Ha! Good for you. It keeps your portfolio going.

Avril Copperfield said...

Your paintings are magnificent! Do you paint houses the moment you see them? You sure have a gift for painting. Old houses are formed with memories through time, and they're truly pleasing to the eyes. =)