Wednesday, January 04, 2012

miniature sketch

Christian Science center in Boston,copyrighted 2012 Nita Leger Casey

I went to Boston today,  planning to go take some photos, with the temperature dipping to a low 7 this morning  it was a bit cold so I ended up going to the Boston Museum of Fine art to see the "Degas and the nude " the show is nearing the end ,so this was a prefect time ! a wonderful show, the Museum is so large now with the new addition  I got lost a few times .It was really interesting to see  a large body of work in one subject , many were sketches, I purchased the book with a 20% discount because it will close soon ,so that was good .
Before getting to the Museum while driving the Christian Science center caught my eye with the great light at the time,taking a few snapshots from the car, I later painted this miniature ,thinking it might be a larger one in the future.   

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