Monday, January 16, 2012

Drawing and David's bird feeder.

 Drawing for future painting
 David's bird feeder ,watercolor 6x6 copyrighted 2012 Nita Leger Casey

Today I went to the studio all exited because I wanted to paint a  large scene, I had it all drawn out the day before, so I was ready to go with the paint, I wet the paper, big mistake it was a bad sheet of paper probably was not sized  right, the water went right through, color bleeding all over, it was like a sponge, I was so mad I had spent all the time for nothing second time this has happened to me and always when you are working on a big sheet, decided not to get upset and painted something totally different and cheerful, I will pursue the street scene again with the right paper.
My brother-in-law made this bird house for me after I drew a simple plan for him , it came out so nice and my birds love it and the food stays dry .  

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Vee said...

It sounds so frustrating, Nita. I can't even imagine never having done this kind of work. Hope that it'll all go well the next time you tackle the project.

Love the bird feeder and doesn't it make a delightful subject to paint!