Thursday, February 10, 2011

The kids are going home !
A Lowell street scene
watercolor 10x7 (c)2011
Nita Leger Casey
I had a great day at my studio today ,I was to meet a client who did not come ,but in the process I painted two paintings ,this one is a view from the window of my studio on the fourth floor . It was about 2:30PM as I was sketching the painting the school bus made a stop at the top of the hill , that sure helped my painting! I was told by a visitor a while back when I showed him the oil I also painted from the same window last summer ,it was the neighborhood where they filmed the" Fighter " the film that is in theaters right now and it was filmed in Lowell , I did see a trailer for the film and you do see our mill in it . This painting is for sale ,email me

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Linda Packard said...

Nita, I saw that movie and told my friend who was with me that I thought that mill was now a community of artists' studios. Yeah! I was right! There's more than one old mill in Lowell so I was really just guessing.
Love the painting!