Sunday, February 27, 2011

St Anne in winter #2
Oil on copper 8x8 (c)2011
Nita Leger Casey
I didn't think I would still be painting snow scenes, but when it snows outside it is hard to think of anything else , I had a piece of copper in front of me and wanted to see if I could get the same effect as the last one on a wood panel by using the same colors , close I guess ! painted the church from the front view .
Went to an opening at the Whistler house Museum yesterday ,this small museum has an amazing collection of wonderful New England Artist from 19 th century to early 20 th century like Frank Benson, Aldro Hibbard , Cullen Yates , William Phelps and more , a must see if you are visiting Lowell the birth place of James McNeil Whistler , famous for Whistler's mother .
the Museum is also located very near my studio .
This above painting is available , email me if you are interested

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