Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Wash , copyrighted Nita Leger Casey
Large watercolor 15x21
Spring is here , I think! I know in other parts of the country it's been nice for awhile , but here in Massachusetts we must wait a bit longer . This scene of fresh laundry on a porch made me put the brakes on my car to take a photo and later do a watercolor of it , most places you don't see this scene , but in Maine it is an everyday thing , and who does not like the smell of fresh laundry ? email me if you are interested


GALLERY kuma said...

lovely watercolors. like the way you depict, hanging clothes on a rope. i find it difficult to paint shadows & lines on fabrics or anthing in white

Gary Keimig said...

Just ran across your blog. Nice watercolors. Some of these are real jewels. Keep up the good work