Monday, March 09, 2009

Miniature tea pot, as an original special card ,with story of aceo, copyrighted 2009
Irish tea pot , copyrighted 2009
miniature watercolor 2,5x3,5

I was working a commission today and only had time to do a mini , they are actually fun to do .we stayed in a bed and breakfast in Ireland a few years back , and I had taken a photo of this small tea pot and I just found it again , I also collect tea pots , but last year I remodeled my kitchen and I put the tea pots away , my decor had changed! but I do love them , I have to figured out a way to get them back in my kitchen .
my miniature are a perfect present for someone , it comes with a lovely card and history of the aceo , they are $25.00 , email me

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