Friday, May 15, 2020

Mt.Lafayette NH

Mt. Lafayette , pastel © 2020 Nita Leger Casey
I could paint this mountain everyday of the week and it would look different, as the atmosphere is ever changing. When we arrived on February 25 , the excitement of seen that mountain and our friend Dave Drinon already at his easel, made me take mine as soon as I could and quickly take my pastels out, and just do it . The sun has gone out a bit!  In the next few days,we had  every kind of weather possible and off course snow, but it is our goal to paint in snow and call it snow camp. I don't know how many time I have painted that tree, but it always looks different as well. This is a little late to reminiscing about snow camp, but Covid 19 has thrown a bit of unusual in all our lives. And good times of memories are a good thing !
 painting available : email me for details  

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