Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Happy 4th of July " Pemaquid "

Watercolor 12 x16
©2015 Nita Leger Casey
I painted this last month on location at the Pemaquid lighthouse , I saved it to post for the 4 th of July week end, it just has that feeling of a family 4 th of July holiday visit to a famous lighthouse on the coast of Maine, I had fun painting this scene with some friends in a mini art retreat, we stay there in a beautiful Antique hotel  with other artists who enjoy painting as I do. Actually will be going back in a couple weeks with another group of friends, I just love the coast of Maine!
this painting is available email me if you are interested ,

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Vee said...

Hope that you had a happy fourth...I'm thinking today the fifth is preferable. We were at the coast yesterday and it was chilly and damp, but today has been sunny and warm. Your painting is beautiful. Pemaquid is such a lovely place.