Saturday, September 29, 2012

Journaling in watercolor

View from Denise's chalet
watercolor 8x11 (c) 2012
Nita Leger Casey
I had a wonderful trip with my friends in NH, the five of us explored the lake Winapasake area , beautiful mountains and lakes that takes your breath away.I was not very familiar with this area only drove thought a few times, as you know I spend most of my free time in Maine. On this journey I decided to journal only,bought a new book by Canson 98 lb  for mixed media, also bought  a new box of Faber-Castell  pitt pens. When we stopped at a site I only did a quick pencil sketch, and wrote a few notes later back at the chalet I  used ink and watercolor ,on this particular one I stepped out on the balcony for the incredible view.
Journaling can be challenging but very rewarding as well. A great way to get loose with your work, no time to fuss on any scenes.  

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