Monday, September 03, 2012

The path in the morning

Watercolor 8x11
Nita Leger Casey
To all my followers, I am back! I am like the kids going back to school !I took a much needed summer off from Blogging . I was painting in Maine having a great time with my friends and kind of wanted not to think about posting and writting ,I did keep up with facebook. The Summer was very hot and also went very fast . I did spend time with the family, a trip to Maryland and many trips to Maine. I did not paint  as much as I wanted, I  am still trying to get ready for my solo show at Western Avenue studios in Lowell, it will be the month of November .
This painting today was done on location one morning with still  the fog in the background, this path took us to the beach accross from the house we rented. $75.00 matted +shipping
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Vee said...

Good to find you here. I've enjoyed looking around again and seeing your lovely work. I can just imagine a scene from the children's book about Maine called Blueberry Summer. The premise was that the young girl in the story stepped into the past whenever she walked down the road and into the fog. I remember loving that book.

Say, any chance of losing that word verification? (Shhh...I'm not commenting on word verification blogs any longer...takes so old eyes so bad.)