Monday, September 24, 2012

Three boats in a row

Pastel ,5x7
(c) 2012
 Nita Leger Casey
I am preparing for a quick trip up North to the woods of New Hampshire with a few friends, catching some fall colors, when I took a bag out to take on the trip I found a couple pastels I had forgotten, I had wrapped them so well, I didn't see them.
 I painted this on Campobello Island this summer, all the fishing boats were in the harbor, I think they were not fishing because the price of Lobster was so low, lucky me to have the boats there, it was a very hot day if I remember, so I quickly did the pastel on a board I had prepared myself, it has a lot of texture, I also simplified my scene, I did like the result!
this painting is available ,email me

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Teresa Dominici said...

Lovely painting!