Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween House in New England

Watercolor 8x8 Copyrighted 2011
Nita Leger Casey
Last week I was driving through the town of Hudson, NH and was stopped at a red light when this house really caught my eye it just looked like Halloween season or maybe haunted, I loved the strong light on it, I know the tree is in the middle but I think it added to the look of spooky ,anyway I just had  seconds to snap a photo  before the light turned green . I painted this at my studio today after having a nice lunch with my artists friends in the third floor.
Yesterday I had a terrible day after getting bit by a tiny deer tick again it was hooked on me for at least 18 hours , after many calls to doctor, nurses etc... I received a doses of antibiotics,I already have Lyme in my system from another bite a few years ago ,they are now very bad ,my neighbors got bit twice last week .
This painting is for sale ,email me if you are interested nlcasey@charter.net 


Vee said...

Is it all the plein air painting that gets you into trouble with deer ticks? Glad that you call your doc asap.

Now this house must exist in some form or another in every New England town. It looks so familiar to me. Lovely!

Studio at the Farm said...

It is indeed a lovely and spooky-looking house - so glad you took a quickie photo at the stop light! I hope you are feeling better after your encounter with the deer tick.