Thursday, October 21, 2010

The blood farm
Pastel demo 8x10, pastel paper ,copyrighted 2010
Nita Leger Casey
This was a smaller version of the pastel demo I did on Tuesday for the Bedford art and Crafts Society , I am asked to do this scene in a watercolor also for an art Collector this was a good practice of the subject!
In the Studio today i had all intention to start the watercolor I am supposed to work on until I looked at the wall I was asked to do a mural in the hall way of the Mill 4 th floor , the next thing you know I went ahead and started the mural worked on it for three hours and almost finished it I was on a roll ! I will take pictures tomorrow .


Vee said...

It must be great fun to get in the groove like that! Love this painting...

lorraine said...

I love your work. You deserve more comments