Monday, October 25, 2010

4x8 feet Mural copyrighted 2010 ,Nita Leger Casey

Project I am working on at the Mill where I have my new studio ,The fourth floor decided to add a little something to make our floor special , this is what I came up , after working on my Newburry series , we have Jewelers , dress makers ,lots of fiber artists, fine art , you name it it's here in this old mill, the dress was painted in no time , the bricks drove me nuts , but it's done and it was a change ! I painted this design in a miniature and now 8 feet tall .
( Top photo is the finished project)


Vee said...

How clever of you...are you saying that you painted it over brick? I'd never know unless I was there.

Vee said...

You painted each and every brick...that takes a lot of attention to detail because each brick has to be unique and these all are. I finally figured it out...thanks for the help. ;D