Monday, May 17, 2010

"Sketching on a Boston Park bench " copyrighted 2010
watercolor Sketchbook .
Nita Leger Casey
My weekly trip to Boston was great today , got in town early , as I arrived there I wanted to find out the name of a building I painted few weeks ago , the most beautiful building I have scene ,I feel very attracted to it every time I go in town and now I know why , it was designed after a French chateau of the Loire Valley where I come from , curious about the building I stopped and talked to two gentleman in the park and asked about it, they were very nice and gave me a bit of history , I later walked the entire length of the park on Commonwealth avenue and just admired the beautiful architecture on each side of the park , it was a beautiful sunny day ! I always enjoy talking to people who live in the area , lots of dog walkers also and got to pet lots of them .at the end of my walk , also got the see the dignitary of the city , the mayor was inaugurating a new bike path, i took lots of photos and now have more material to paint .


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just beautiful!