Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Les volets bleu"
original watercolor 6x8 , copyrighted 2010
Nita Leger Casey
The sun was shinning so bright on of my front garden , I couldn't pass the opportunity to paint this scene ,of my beautiful parlor window, I feel so lucky to live in a old house in New England ! the Spring only last a couple weeks ,so they was no time to waist , with the lilacs in the background the fragrance is unbelievable.
Yesterday's Newburry street sold to a collector in Alabama , always happy to know my paintings finds a good home ! Like i said ," collecting originals is a good thing!"
so collectors, email me nlcasey@charter.net.

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seesa said...

Nita is an artist who paints all year long. She is able to capture the beauty of the coast of Maine, the greenery of Ireland and the provincial flair of her native. Nita has mastered many medium: pastel, oil and watercolor . To be able to work with three totally different mediums is such a talent. I personally think that pastel and watercolor are the hardest medium to work with. I believe watercolor is her best work, maybe because it something I can’t do and did not think water color was capable to look like that. The way she portrays everyday life is dreamy. It’s something that can be put in a coffee shop for people to sit back and relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. I love that she works all year long, because colors change throughout the year with the changes of seasons and she captures that beautifully.