Monday, July 13, 2009

Portsmouth barbershop,copyrighted 2009by Nita Leger Casey
Watercolor 6x8, $100.00
I was in Portsmouth, NH last Friday, in the late afternoon with my daughter and her family , we went to see a play at Prescott park, {Grease}it was fun ! before the play we had some time to spare so we walked the street of Portsmouth, such a nice old Colonial town, the old barbershop and the late afternoon sun made me take a photo of this quint scene of the past. I used to paint only in watercolor years ago , until the galleries decided not to represent most
watercolorists witch made me switch to oil and pastel, I must say I love all mediums as long as I am painting ,I am happy!

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marycat2708 said...

Hello Nita....Cathy from St. Catharines,ON. I love your painting of Quebec. You captured the quaintnes of the street. I am going there in 15 days. If you go back at some point in time go to the Couchon Dingue for lunch or dinner. Wonderful. Also, did you happen to drive over to Isle D'Orleans...the most beautiful place to paint...wonderful houses and fields and churches.Also good B&B La Golieche. I really enjoy looking at your work..take Care Cathy