Friday, July 27, 2007

My Hopper
I finely made it to the MFA to see the Edward Hopper show , what a treat !
Some years ago when I started painting lonely houses in Maine ,many people would say to me , Oh, it looks like a Hopper , I had seen a few at different Museums and I did like them, especially
House by the railroad , at the time I had I found a house in Maine just like that, and did a oil . A few years later I picked up a book here and there and found again many houses that I had come across and did paintings of it .I realised he was traveling the same back roads of New England .
70 years earlier. Anyway it was a trill to see a collection come all together of many works ,I had never seen before .
The show runs for three more weeks . I think ! it will go to Chicago later.
This is a large painting of a house in Maine 18x24 , it will go to our show in Lubec .

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KRG-NHT said...

I really like your work Nita. This one is especially enjoyable with the color contrasts and architectural mystique.