Friday, November 15, 2013

John Singer Sargent Challenge

Watercolor 16x20
©2013 Nita Leger Casey
Hi everyone , I am back!
The surgery went very well, three night at the Hospital , yes with pain but I survived ! I am home recuperating  with the support of my family and wonderful neighbors who bring food take the dog for a walk and more, I am lucky to have so many nice friends .Visiting physical therapists who are putting me through boot camp, yes that knee has to bent more and more.... anyway I am doing fine, first day at the regular computer .
Before the surgery my art friend and I had decided to do a challenge in the watercolor style of John Singer Sargent , his show is now at the Boston Museum of fine arts, so here is my version I painted before the surgery, I took a photo of a Fountain in Savannah few years ago and painted it in a loose style . it was fun , hope to be back in a regular schedule of painting soon.
So enjoy my challenge !

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Vee said...

So glad to know that that is behind you and that it went well. A pox on the pain, though. You be a good girl and take that boot camp like a trouper!

This is a wonderful painting in the style of one of my favs.