Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Humming bird flowers

(C) 2013
Nita Leger Casey
I love this time of year at the pond where these beautiful bright red flowers grow at the edge of the pond , the Humming birds loved them! it's actually really called, Cardinal flowers,I imagine for it's bright red color ! Wild flowers are amazing ,so much beauty.
After a week at the pond and doing a lot of cleaning around the cabin I did take a break to paint the scene .The pastels stay in the back of my car so it's easy to take a quick break and paint something, that is our view that we have loved for over 30 years , I have painted this view so may times ,it always looks different. going home tomorrow I must get back to my studio at least for a few days, the Summer is so short , I am trying to enjoy every minute of it!
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Vee said...

What a beautiful view you enjoy. I learned something new today...the name of those wildflowers!