Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pride boy!

miniature 2.5x3.5 acrylic on board ,(c) 2012 sold
Nita Leger Casey
Couple years ago I was painting at a farm in Maine who had a lot of chickens ,I took pictures of them and forgot about them until I was looking for something else and here he was a proud big rooster, having chickens I  am found  of them , a lot of people don't like roosters, but I must give them credit they watch their girls, will find food for them and call them never eat before they do ,watch the sky for predators, get them in the coop on time , my little rooster is busy all day ! of course he gets some perks with that! this one is for a client, but if you want one very similar as a miniature ,let me know .nlcasey@charter.net

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