Sunday, March 27, 2011

A flag for a friend
Watercolor 16x20 (c)2011
Nita Leger Casey
I was framing this painting today getting ready for open studio next Saturday the 2 nd of April , just before I framed it I made some miner adjustments , I had painted this on location couple years ago and just put it away like many paintings I do, sometimes it is good to look at them again, you might see it with a different eye .They was a story with this painting, the flag is not always on this barn , but his friend had passed away and the man decided to put the flag up in his memory ,this was the story I was told while I was painting it in a very hot summer day in Lubec. Well the painting is framed now and it will be at my open studio . Also have to get ready for a show at Chelmsford Library , so more framing to do !If you are interested in this paining email me
framed painting 16x20 Dark wood frame off white mat $495.00

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