Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rue Saint Catherine , Orleans , watercolor 5x7 copyrighted 2009
Nita Leger Casey
This is town where I grew up , in the center of France .
Orléans, the largest town in the middle Loire valley after Tours, chief town of the département of Loiret and the see of a bishop, with a university founded in 1309, lies in a fertile plain at the most northerly point in the course of the Loire. Its name is inseparably bound up with
that of Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orléans. Orléans is a lively trading town (agricultural products and industry) and a good base for excursions to the Châteaux in the Loire.
During the Hundred Years' War, in 1428-1429, it was the last French stronghold, then under siege by the English, but was relieved on May 8, 1429 by a French army led by Joan of Arc. This marked a turning point in French fortunes. A festival in her memory is held annually on May 7 and 8.
The town was badly damaged during the Wars of Religion and during the Second World War, but has since been rebuilt.

I just started this series and now I am going away for the week end visiting my son and his family , hope i keep my mood to paint more French scenes ,might a few different scenes in between . email me if you are interested

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