Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quartier Latin , watercolor 5x7 ,copyrighted 2009
Nita Leger Casey

My favorite place to stay while in Paris,and like I said in the previous post ,this was the time of year I use to go to France. this is why i am painting France right now
The fabled Latin Quarter. This neighborhood takes its name from the Sorbonne, where Latin was the common tongue for all students during the Middle Ages. The neighborhood has the feel of a small village and students mix freely with professionals in its winding streets. The rue Mouffetard is a primary artery where shops, international restaurants and student bars and cafés are found.
email me if you are interested this is an original watercolor , the scene is from our last trip and hotel room in Paris .

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Sonia von Walter said...

Hello Nita. Your painting has reminded me of my own many visits to Paris. Once, I stayed right there in Latin Quartier and I enjoyed it's lively atmosphere, that your painting captured so well.